“The Council”
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hologram. It’s the same technology used to train our physicians. It was contructed from medical data collected by Enterprise’s medical officer.” The Insectoid asks: “How do we know the data to create this phantom wasn’t falsified?” Degra replies: “Humans don’t have the technology to produce a fabrication of this detail.” Archer asks if this is “one of the Guardians.” The Arboreal and the Aquatic agree that it is. The Insectoids don’t believe it and want the humans “expelled” from the chamber. Dolim says he wants to hear more. The Arboreal and the Aquatic agree. They tell Archer to continue.

Meanwhile, in the Sphere, T’Pol and Hawkins remove a clear dome covering the memory core. Reed calls Mayweather and asks if there is any more movement. Travis says no. T’Pol proceeds to remove the core. Travis sees something moving towards them. They can’t see it. Hawkins spots what appears to be a robotic arm with claws and and shoots at it as does Reed. It grabs Hawkins and he disintegrates. Reed shouts to T’Pol to move. She goes to leave with the core while Reed shoots at the arm. She and Reed make their way out but the arm comes after them. Reed shoots and destroys it. Travis tells them more are coming and to hurry. He brings the shuttlepod to where they are.

Back in Engineering, Trip tells Archer he is having problems with the converter. Degra and the other Primate come in. They tell Archer that they have “the three votes” they need as the Reptilians have agreed to “postpone the launch of the weapon.” Degra is clearly happy and shakes hands with Archer. Trip cuts in and asks Degra if he can help align the power cells. Archer and the other Primate go to the Ready Room. Trip apologizes to Degra for his verbal attacks towards him. Degra tells him he understands.

Later, Degra is in his quarters at the Council site. Dolim comes in to see him. He tells Degra that he doesn’t like the site. “It’s too exposed.”, he says. He also doesn’t like that it was built by the Avians: “…and there’s the stench.” Degra asks: “Stench?” Dolim answers: “Of failure…of a race that failed to survive.” Degra tells him that he was “surprised” that he agreed to “postpone the launch.” Dolim notices that Degra has Enterprise schematics on his computer screen. Degra tells him he is helping with “engine repairs.” Dolim replies: “They’ve found quite an ally in you. A pity you haven’t extended the same friendship to your fellow Xindi.” Degra asks: “What do you mean?” Dolim tells him that he knows that he was the one that destroyed the Reptilian scout vessel that had been sent to look for him. Degra tries to deny it but Dolim has proof. Degra says: “They left me no choice.” Dolim replies: “And you’ve left me no choice.” He stabs Degra. As Degra is dying he tells him: “The crew of that ship are the last Xindi you’ll ever betray. When the humans have been eliminated…when the Council has been replaced by Reptilian rule…I am going to find your wife and children…and do the same to them. (He pulls out the knife and holds it up to Degra’s face.) Your traitorous bloodline will end at the tip of my blade.”

Trip goes to Sick Bay to see Phlox. He can’t sleep. He tells Phlox that the Mess Hall is “up and running” and asks if he would join him for a snack. On the way there, they talk about Archer’s success in getting three of the Xindi species to agree not to launch the weapon. Trip asks Phlox if he’s lost weight. Phlox is happy that he noticed and tells him he’s been using a

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