“The Council”
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“tapeworm” to diet. Trip is shocked and asks how he’ll get it out. Phlox goes on to tell him but Trip stops him. “I just don’t want to lose my appetite.”, he says.

Archer is sleeping in his quarters with Porthos. A call comes in from the other Primate who tells him Degra’s been killed. Archer wants to know who did it. The Primate replies that the Reptilians have called an “emergency meeting” of the Council. He continues that he thinks they are planning something and that Archer’s ship is in danger. Archer calls the Bridge and orders “tactical alert.”

Back at the shuttle, Reed hurts himself and starts to rant: “…Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe we’re getting a bit too comfortable with losing people. Twenty-three men and women…on any given mission the limits of acceptable casualties is 20%. So says the traditional military doctrine. Well, we’ve crossed that margin.” T’Pol goes to him and tells him: “There’s a Vulcan axiom. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” Reed doesn’t think it makes Hawkin’s death acceptable. T’Pol tells him: “No. But it makes it honorable.”

At the Council chamber, Dolim admits he killed Degra. The Primate tells him he’ll regret what he did. Dolim tells them: “We’ve taken control of the weapon. We’re going to launch it.” The Insectoids are with them. Dolim adds: “Either you stand with us, or you stand against us.” The others don’t agree with the Reptilians. Dolim tells them they will “withdraw” from the Council. The Primate tells him they can’t launch the weapon with only two of the codes. The Reptilian replies: “Do you really believe we haven’t considered that?”

In Engineering, Trip tells Archer they can go to warp 3.4 but that they’re “in no shape for combat.” Trip tells Archer he feels bad about Degra’s death. Hoshi calls Archer. She tells him: “Five Insectoid ships are descending towards the surface.” We see a shot of the planet and the ships. The ground opens up and the weapon is launched. Archer orders a “pursuit course.” The Primate, now on Degra’s ship, calls Archer to tell him that he has “ordered all available ships to intercept.” Archer says he will follow them.

Back on the shuttle, Mayweather tells T’Pol and Reed: “A large group of ships is leaving the system. One of them is Enterprise. I’m detecting weapons fire.” They call Enterprise and Archer tells Hoshi to tell them to “stay put”; they’ll “come back for them” later. We see ships firing at each other. Dolim orders that they “target Enterprise.” He tells one of his officers to “get the female.” Hoshi gets beamed off the ship. Enterprise is disabled. Dolim orders that they enter the vortex. They do and disappear along with the weapon.

Excellent is the word for this episode. Livingston’s sharp direction maintains the tension and suspense throughout the episode from the action sequences to the most dramatic scene for a Trek series in a long time, Degra’s murder. A well-written episode that gives names to, finally,

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