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Back on the Enterprise, Jannar and the other Primate tell Archer that the Reptilians are “less than four light-years from here.” Reed asks why they’ve stopped and not gone on to Earth. The Primate tells him: “They’re attempting to arm the weapon. The propulsion system has to be offline to do it.” Archer wants to intercept them but Jannar and the Primate disagree. Jannar tells him: “We are no match for them.” Archer asks if the Aquatics’ ships could handle them. The Primate tells him the Aquatics are still not convinced. Archer tells them that that was before. Now there may be a “civil war.” He wants to talk with the Aquatics.

Archer, Jannar and the Primate take Degra’s ship to meet the Aquatics. The Primate talks to them. They don’t seem too happy but they agree to meet with Archer.

Archer, Jannar and the Primate are in a room on the Aquatic ship. They’ve been waiting a while. Jannar appears to be uncomfortable. Archer asks him what’s wrong. Jannar tells him: “My species doesn’t like the water.” The Aquatics appear. Archer tells them his “Communications officer was abducted.” The Aquatics state that it’s “regrettable” but that they don’t need her to translate as they’ve learned English. Archer tells them he needs their help. They tell him that they haven’t come to a decision yet. Archer tells them that Earth might be destroyed “in the meantime.” The Aquatics reply: “The Reptilians and Insectoids cannot deploy the weapon on their own.” Archer tells them that using Hoshi they may be able to do it. They don’t listen and tell Archer to leave. They turn away and go. Archer asks them if the Guardians have ever tried to “disable the Spheres.” He tells them he might be able to. They turn back.

Inside the weapon, Dolim checks on Hoshi’s progress. He is told: “She’s penetrated the first layer of encryption. Nothing further.” He asks Hoshi if she knows what they want her to do. She tells him yes. She adds: “I’m not familiar with these ciphers. I’m trying.” He thinks she’s lying. He wants her to have “another procedure.” She tries to run away and kill herself by jumping off a railing but a Reptilian grabs her. Dolim tells her: “…You won’t have to live with your guilt for long.” The Reptilian takes her away. Another Reptilian officer tries to “access the arming matrix” but can’t. He tells Dolim: “She’s added a layer of encryption.”

Meanwhile, in the Command Centre, Trip and T’Pol are trying to find a way to disable the Spheres. They can’t agree on what to do. Trip has disagreed with all of T’Pol’s ideas. He tells her: “When you come up with one that doesn’t involve blowing ourselves up, I’ll be a little more enthusiastic .” T’Pol sarcastically replies: “Or you might surprise me with an idea of your own.” Trip tells her he’s had enough of her attitude and tells her: “I’ll work on this in Engineering. Call me if you have any more brilliant ideas.” He goes to leave. She calls to him but he keeps going. She shouts: “Trip!” He comes back. She apologizes for being so emotional. He tells her to “forget about it.” He adds that it’s been difficult for everyone and that if she wants to talk later he will listen. They decide to continue working.

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