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On the Bridge, T’Pol tells Archer that she’s “located Ensign Sato” but can’t beam her out. Archer tells Reed to send “Hayes and his team.” The battle continues.

Hayes and the MACOs beam onto the Reptilian ship.

Dolim contacts his men inside the weapon. The Aquatics are taking a toll. He wants the weapon launched “now”. They tell him it will take “another five minutes.” Dolim tells them: “In another five minutes, it will be destroyed and you along with it.”

Meanwhile, the MACOs find Hoshi but can’t contact Enterprise. They make their way back to the “beam-in point.”

In the trans-dimensional realm, the Sphere-Builders decide to help the Reptilians. They activate a nearby Sphere. It causes a large anomaly to form near the weapon.

On the Enterprise, T’Pol tells Archer anomalies are forming. He tells Travis to “keep us clear of them…but keep us in firing range.” The anomalies destroy the Aquatic ship and some others.

The Primate contacts Archer and tells him: “The anomalies are creating a barrier between us and the weapon. We can’t get through.”

Meanwhile, Hayes and the MACOs are fighting the Reptilians. Hayes contacts Archer and tells him they have Hoshi. Archer calls Trip and tells him to beam out Hayes but Trip can’t as the transporter is down. Hayes has to wait.

On the Reptilian ship, Dolim is told that “the intruders are trapped on level seven” and that the anomalies have “disabled three of the Aquatic ships.” Dolim says: “The Guardians will not let us fail.”

Trip gets the transporter working but he can only beam two people at a time. Hayes has one of the MACOs and Hoshi beamed out first. One of the remaining MACOs gets shot. Hayes has her and the other MACO transported out next. He is alone and continues fighting. As Trip finally beams Hayes out, he gets shot. When he materializes, he falls down, wounded.

Inside the weapon, they’ve “completed the arming sequence.”

Reed tells Archer: “They’re preparing to launch.” Archer tells Travis to take them closer to the weapon regardless of the anomalies.

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