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The Reptilians launch the weapon. They open a vortex and they disappear with it.

In Sick Bay, Reed visits Hayes and thanks him for saving Hoshi. Before he dies, Hayes tells Reed that he should rely on McKenzie as “she knows the team.”

In the Command Centre, Archer asks Jannar how long it will take the weapon to get to Earth. He replies: “Ten hours.” They discuss what to do. The Aquatic ships are too slow. Degra’s ship is fast but is poorly armed. Archer thinks they can go inside the weapon and destroy it from there. Jannar and the Primate remind Archer that he must disable the Spheres as promised to the Aquatics. T’Pol and Trip tell them they will try and “disable Sphere 41” which “should disrupt the entire network.”

Reed tells the MACOs assembled in the Armory that Hayes has died. He asks for three volunteers to help board the weapon to destroy it. They all want to go. He picks Woods, Ramira and Forbes.

Archer goes to Sick Bay to see how Hoshi is doing. Archer wants to ask her about the interior of the weapon. Phlox tells Archer he’ll have to wait two hours. He tells Phlox to have her moved to Degra’s ship. Phlox protests but Archer insists. Phlox wants to go with them but Archer tells him he is needed on Enterprise.

As the weapon heads for Earth, the Insectoids call Dolim. They’re not so sure about the Guardians anymore because of the anomalies they just witnessed. They mention that Archer said “the Guardians control the Spheres.” Dolim replies that Archer “also started a civil war between our species.” The Insectoids reply: “The human didn’t kill Degra. *You* did.” Dolim replies: “Degra was a traitor.” The Insectoid tells Dolim: “I’m no longer certain about that.” Dolim decides to have the Insectoid ship destroyed. He says to his officer: “I won’t risk anymore interference. Fire.”

Meanwhile on Enterprise, Archer, Reed and the MACOs are getting ready to go to Degra’s ship. The MACOs help move Hoshi. Trip stops Reed and asks him: “Bring me back a piece of that weapon. A souvenir.” Archer tells Trip: “When we’re finished, we’ll meet you at the rendezvous coordinates.” Trip wishes Archer “good luck.” Archer tells T’Pol: “I expect you to keep him (Trip) in line.” She replies: “I’ll do my best.”

Degra’s ship undocks from Enterprise and leaves.

Another good action episode that also has some character development in it and some dramatic scenes of note. The visual effects are excellent from the space battles to the Sphere emitting the anomalies and the Aquatic ship disintegrating. The Insectoids look great as well.

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