“Zero Hour”
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In the Command Center, T’Pol tells Trip that the Spheres have all disappeared along with the spatial anomalies and the thermobaric cloud barrier. The Expanse is “returning to normal space.” Trip notices that her skin is not healing as fast as his. He tells her: “I guess you Vulcans aren’t so tough after all.” T’Pol replies: “Doctor Phlox says we should all be back to normal within two to three days.” Trip tells her: “I’m only kidding. You look nice like this. Kind of like an old oil painting.” T’Pol: “I’m not old. I will only be 66 years old on my next birthday.” Trip: “I can’t believe you told me that.” T’Pol: “You accused me of looking old.” Trip: “That’s not what I mean. I’ve been trying to get you to tell me your age since we left spacedock. Why now?” T’Pol: “To Vulcans, certain information is considered intimate.” Trip: “Intimate… hmm.” Mayweather calls T’Pol and tells her: “A vortex just opened. It’s Degra’s ship.” They go to the Bridge.

On the Bridge, the transmission from Degra’s ship is garbled. Trip keeps calling for the Captain. T’Pol tells Mayweather to “set an intercept course.”

Degra’s ship docks with the Enterprise. Reed, Hoshi and the MACOs come on board. Reed tells T’Pol and Trip: “Captain Archer destroyed the weapon.” Trip asks where the Captain is. Reed tells him Archer “didn’t make it.” T’Pol is visibly upset. Hoshi hugs Trip.

The Enterprise in taken inside the Aquatic ship.

The Primate visits T’Pol. He tells her: “The Aquatic vessel should have you home in less than a day.” T’Pol repllies: “I was pleased to hear that the Council has agreed to reconvene.” The Primate tells her the Insectoids couldn’t ignore what has happened. She asks him about the Reptilians. He tells her: “They’ll join us eventually. They have no choice but to accept that the Guardians’ promises were empty. Your captain’s sacrifice will not be forgotten. Safe journey.” T’Pol thanks him.

In Sick Bay, Phlox’ pets are acting up. They somehow sense they are within the Aquatic ship. Phlox asks T’Pol: “Is there something I can do for you?” She tells him her “skin hasn’t fully healed yet.” He tells her Vulcans are probably more sensitive and to give it time. She replies: “I guess we’re not so tough after all.” Phlox: “Excuse me?” T’Pol: “Is there anything I’ll need to treat this?” Phlox: “Only time.” He asks about “morale”. She replies: “It isn’t easy for a crew to lose its captain.” Phlox: “I suppose we’ll all need time to heal.” T’Pol notices Porthos and asks: “Will he be all right?” Phlox tells her: “Not for a while. He lost his best friend. But it’s just a matter of time. He’ll be fine again.” T’Pol (to Porthos): “Did you hear that? The doctor says you’ll be fine. It’s just a matter of time.” She pets him.

They arrive at Earth and Enterprise emerges from the Aquatic ship which leaves. They are 800,000 kilometers from the planet.

Hoshi comes to the Bridge as she wants to see Earth when they arrive. They put Earth up on

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