“Storm Front”
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Story by: Manny Coto
Teleplay by: Manny Coto
Directed by: Allan Kroeker

After a series of flashbacks of last season’s finale, we find Trip and Mayweather still being attacked by what looks like P-51 airplanes out of WWII. The planes retreat but when the shuttlepod’s starboard injector is damaged by explosions. they decide to return to the Enterprise.

Meanwhile, Archer is being taken somewhere in a convoy by the Nazis. A group of insurgents attacks.

On the Enterprise, T’Pol, Trip, Malcolm, Hoshi and Travis are listening to what appears to be a radio broadcast where Winston Churchill is making a speech. The crew realizes that they are 200 years in the past. T’Pol orders Malcolm to “run a complete diagnostic” and “a scan for any anomalies in the area.” Trip tells T’Pol that this isn’t a malfunction and argues with her. A Suliban appears on the ceiling in one of the ship’s hallways. It is Silik. He jumps down and walks away.

Somewhere on Earth, two aliens dressed as Nazis are discussing the insurgents. They talk about Archer’s escape. The one who appears to be in charge tells the other that Archer was more than just “an American prisoner”. He shows him a “communications device” that Archer had and tells him “it is from the future”. The other concludes: “a temporal agent.” The commander orders him to find Archer.

Back on the Enterprise, Trip goes to see T’Pol in the Ready Room. He apologizes for arguing with her. They talk about how they wanted to get home. Malcolm comes in and tells them: “I’ve been going over those military dispatches that Hoshi picked up. Some of them don’t make sense.” There have been “battles in Virginia and Ohio”.

In Sickbay, Phlox tries to feed Porthos but the dog obviously misses Archer and doesn’t eat. Just then, a very sick looking and deformed Daniels tumbles in.

Somewhere on Earth, we see Archer lying on a couch, unconscious, being tended to by a woman. He wakes up startled but she calms him down. She tells him her name is Alicia Travers. She thinks Archer is a sailor since the patch on his uniform says Enterprise. She tells him: “You must have made it off before it sank.” Archer doesn’t correct her and asks her what year it is. She replies that it is 1944. He asks where they are. She tells him: “We in Brooklyn…New York city.”

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