“Storm Front” Part II
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Story by: Manny Coto
Teleplay by: Manny Coto
Directed by: David Straiton

After some flashbacks of last week’s season opener, the show begins with a black and white newsreel (reminiscent of those that were made during WWII) depicting Hitler visiting New York city and being welcomed by crowds of cheering people. The film touts the forging of an alliance between America and Germany in the fight for freedom. There’s an interesting scene where the narrator talks about *parasites* and we see Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King (thanks to Michel Boucher for this). Interesting choice to say the least. As King looks a lot like Winston Churchill, it makes one wonder whether that is who the writers thought it was or were they trying to say something? I guess we’ll never know. It ends with the Nazi flag flying above the American flag.

In the White House, the alien commander, Vosk, is speaking with the Nazi general. The general talks of an impending “counter-attack by the Americans”. He mentions that Nazi intelligence shows that the alien squadron is ready. The alien tells him that the intelligence is “flawed”. The general angrily tells the alien that he wants it deployed now. The alien threatens to give the weapons to the Allies and warns the general: “The next time you feel the urge to threaten me, remember this: ‘I can erase you from history as if you never existed.'” The general is speechless as the alien leaves.

Back on a still damaged Enterprise, Alicia is in her quarters. Archer comes in. They talk. Alicia wonders if there are still wars in the future. Archer tells her on Earth “war has been eliminated but the galaxy’s a big place with thousands of species. Not all of them have the same values we have.” Alicia wants to return to her neighborhood. He tells her two crewmembers are missing. She tells him she can try to find out where they are. She continues that with a ship like Enterprise they could destroy Berlin. Archer replies that they’ll stop the Nazis but “in another way”. He tells her she’ll have to be beamed down. She doesn’t like it but agrees.

Vosk enters the area where they are building the time machine. He talks to another alien about Trip and Travis. The aliens don’t believe they are temporal agents but Vosk doesn’t think they are here by “accident”. They test the machine. It doesn’t work. They talk about how the Germans are becoming impatient. Vosk tells the other alien he doesn’t want to give the weapons to the Germans. He thinks they might use them against the aliens. Vosk asks that the prisoners be given medical attention and be returned to their cell. Travis and Trip are brought back to their cell. They’ve obviously been tortured. Just then, we see a form appear on the ceiling. It is Silik. It looks like he drops down on Trip.

Back on the Enterprise, Reed is briefing Archer and T’Pol. He tells Archer he’s pinpointed where time changed. Lenin was assasinated. Russia never turned Communist so Hitler was able to concentrate his efforts on the West, taking European countries like France and England and

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