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crew could have been saved. Archer replies: “I couldn’t help them.” Soval goes on to suggest that they’ll never know what really happened and how the ship and crew were destroyed. Archer is angry. He tells him he’s already explained what happened and that he didn’t murder the Vulcans. He adds that he had more help from the Andorians and tells Soval that: “This planet would be a cloud of dust, right now, if we’d listened to you.” Admiral Forrest intervenes and shouts: “That’s enough.”

Later, Archer is speaking with Admiral Forrest. He does not understand how Forrest can take the part of the Vulcans. The Admiral tells him he’s “not taking anyone’s side. You were out of line”. Archer replies: “They don’t lift a finger to help us and now I have to justify myself to that son of a bitch?” Forrest tells Archer that the “debriefing’s on hold, indefinitely” and orders him “to take some time off.”

Phlox is walking down a hall on the Enterprise, loaded down with luggage and carriers with his pets inside. Reed shows up and Phlox asks him to help him. He tells Phlox to be careful when he gets to Earth. He tells him that people are “xenophobic”. Phlox tells him he won’t change his vacation plans. Reed tells him: “People are looking for someone to blame (for the Xindi attack) and they don’t care who it is.” Phlox tells him he’ll “be fine”.

On Earth, we see Archer in the great outdoors getting his gear ready. The NX-02 captain shows up. He seems peeved and asks her: “Mind if I ask what you’re doing here?” She tells him: “You know better than to go climbing without a partner.”

On Vulcan, T’Pol and Trip arrive at her home. Her mother, T’Les, comes out. Trip introduces himself and they exchange Vulcan hand greetings. She speaks in Vulcan to T’Pol and asks why he’s come with her. T’Pol tells her he’s a colleague. They go in and T’Pol’s mother tells Trip where the guest room is. He leaves. T’Pol asks her why she is not at the science academy. She replies that she doesn’t teach there anymore. She continues that she had planned it long ago and had written to her about it. T’Pol hadn’t received the message. She shows T’Pol a letter. It is from Koss, her fiance (see season one’s “Breaking the Ice”). T’Les wants her to reply even though T’Pol is not interested.

Back on Earth, Archer and Hernandez are mountain climbing. She asks if he’s got any suggestions for senior officers to serve on the NX-02. He suggests a MACO for tactical. She questions having MACOs on the Bridge. Archer tells her she should ask for an entire squad. They continue climbing. Archer tells her that things have changed; that she’ll spend more time going into battle (than exploring). She thinks he is a bit cynical but he tells her to read his mission reports.

At T’Pol’s house, we see T’Les outside striking a gong. It’s 4 in the morning and time to get up. T’Pol goes to Trip’s room and wakes him up. They are expected to make the “morning meal”. When they are eating, T’Pol’s mother asks her why she is visiting. T’Pol replies that

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