PAGE 8 OF 172033 Another state is admitted to the United States of America, making a total of 52.

2033 Velar, the famed Vulcan ambassador, is born.

2036 The New United Nations rules that Earth citizens may not be held responsible for crimes committed by ancestors.

2036Hover cars come into popular use on Earth.

2037 NASA launches a deep-space exploration vessel, the Charybdis, with Colonel Steven Richey in command. This is the third mission of its kind to depart Earth. The first two were unsuccessful. ( Enterprise exploration timeline ). Note: According to the Enterprise exploration timeline on startrek.com. this is the last deep space exploration attempt until 2065.

2040 Television has lost popularity and is no longer widely watched.

2042 The sport of baseball meets its demise as the last World Series is held.

2043 The bloody Mind Control Revolts start on Earth.

2044 The S.S. “Charybdis” is contaminated by an alien life form. Colonel Richey, the last survivor, finds himself on planet Theta VIII within a holographic simulation created from the poorly written novel ‘Hotel Royale.’

2047 The Los Angeles area is submerged under 200 meters of water following the Hermosa Quake. The region becomes the largest coral reef on the planet.

early 2050’s Relations break down between the two major alliances of nations that compose mid 21st century Earth.

2051 Hunting, having gone out of favor, is outlawed throughout the Earth.

2053 World War III begins and humanity struggles to survive. Colonel Green, a leader in the conflict, becomes known for his cruelty during the course of the conflict.

the 2050’s The world slowly recovers from the ravages of World War III. Nation states survive at least in part, and will re-emerge in the years to follow.

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