PAGE 9 OF 172058 Velar begins her successful career as a diplomat for the planet Vulcan.

2062 Velar negotiates the first accords between the Andorians and Vulcan

2063 In the post-war era, groups of humans struggle to rebuild their society. In Montana, Zefram Cochrane works to convert an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) into the first faster-than-light, or warp, spaceship – the Phoenix. The Phoenix’s test flight attracts the attention of other space travelers and “first contact” is soon made between humans and Vulcans.

These events are so critical to Earth history, that Borg from the 24th century come to this time to attempt to keep the launch of the Phoenix from happening. The intervention of the crew of the Enterprise-E, also from the 24th century, preserves the launch which facilitates the historic first contact between Vulcans and the people of Earth.The contact with extraterrestrials marks a key moment in human history. From this point on, Earth begins a rapid recovery from the ravages of World War III. Assisted by the sometimes reluctant Vulcans, humanity begins the long process of rebuilding society, unifying the Earth’s governments and reaching out into space.

Within a very short period of time, Earth begins sending vessels out into space, exploring the unknown.

Velar, who will become a famous and successful Vulcan ambassador, is troubled by this chain of events. She is concerned that the people of Earth, so recently have come through a devastating war, can by no means be ready for interstellar travel.

2064 A wholesale revolution in space exploration begins By the time that Terra Nova is first discovered around 2066 there is a human colony on the Moon at New Berlin and a colony at Utopia Planetia on Mars. There are even a few colonies on asteroids within the solar system by that point. (“Terra Nova.”) Early warp vessels make use of the design of the 1990’s era space vehicle, the DY-100. The new version of the ship are the DY-500 class. Where the DY-100 had been sub warp “sleeper ships” the new DY-500 class ships have warp drives installed and remain in use until the 2120s.2065 The first deep-space exploration vessel since 2037, the S.S. Valiant, departs Earth. Transmissions from the ship eventually die out.

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