PAGE 12 OF 172082 Colonel Steven Richey, commander of the Earth space vehicle Charybdis, dies in captivity on the eighth planet of the Theta 116 system.

2083 Roughly the time period when the pod was ejected from the Y-500 class vessel in Travis Mayweather’s Boomer ghost story in “Strange New World.”

2086 T’Pol is born on Vulcan.

2086 that Henry Archer, famous warp engineer, was born in the United States on Earth.

2091 Warp 2 capable freighters first begin to be used to ship cargo on long runs from planet to planet. Their crews, the “boomers” develop an unique culture with strong bonds of loyalty to their families and their ships.

2092 Malcolm Reed’s parents are born sometime in here

2093 At age seven, T’Pol undergoes a ceremony that arranges her marriage.

2100 Dr. Phlox is born.

2100 Admiral Forrest is born.

2100 This is also the era of the European Hegemony: a loose political alliance on Earth and the beginnings of a world government.

2103 Humanity establishes a foothold on Mars and the colonization process begins.

October 9, 2110 Jonathan Archer is born in San Francisco on Earth. He is born and raised as an explorer. His father is Henry Archer, the famous warp engineer.

2111 The process of stamping out war, crime, poverty and hunger on Earth begins. By 2150 the task has been largely achieved.

2113 Having learned the lessons of the last World War, the first united Earth government is established. Australia is the only nation that declines membership.

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