PAGE 15 OF 172140 The Great Plume of Agosoria erupts. The Plume is a protostar which gives out a neutron blast every 11 years.

2140 Rough time period of Travis Mayweather’s Boomer ghost story in “Strange New World.”

2140 According to his sister, Malcolm Reed spends one week living without food around this time.

2140 The Vulcan Kov, who had determined to explore his emotions, had a falling out with his father.

2141 At age 18, Hoshi Sato joins Starfleet and begins training – which involves extensive linguistic studies.

2143 Charlie Tucker graduates from Starfleet this year.

2143 Charlie Tucker and Jonathan Archer first meet.

2143 Travis Mayweather leaves the J-Class freighter “Horizon,” his home since birth, to go to Earth and join Starfleet. His parents are opposed to his decision.

2143 The ship Vortlis, under the command of Captain Tavin, leaves Vulcan to begin a voyage of self discovery.

2144 While on Titan as part of the Omega Training Mission with Captain Archer, Charlie “Trip” Tucker encounters problems while on an extra vehicular (EV) exercise. His EV pack freezes up and he experiences nitrogen narcosis. Archer talks Trip out of removing his helmet while in the vacuum.

2144 Malcolm Reed graduates from Starfleet.

2144 The Kabal, made up of Suliban, begins its series of attacks.

2145 Hoshi Sato graduates from Starfleet.

2147 Event occurs where Jonathan Archer saves Charlie Tucker’s life.

2147 Travis Mayweather graduates from Starfleet.

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