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Story by: Jonathan Fernandez & Terry Matalas
Teleplay by: Jonathan Fernandez
Directed by: David Livingston

Synopsis followed by review: 
Archer carries an unconscious T’Pol into sickbay. She wakes up and screams at Archer to let her go. He tells her Phlox is there to help her. She screams that “He’s trying to kill me like you killed the others.”

Cut to the previous day where Archer and Tucker are studying the Xindi starcharts. They hope to try to determine the location of spatial anomalies in the region. Tucker tells Archer that the crew needs a break from the stress of the mission and suggests that re-starting movie nights would help. T’Pol comes in, offers to help and Trip asks her to come to the movie. Hoshi calls Archer to tell him that they’ve received an automated distress signal from the Vulcan ship, Seleya.

When they arrive, they find an asteroid field where the Vulcan ship is located. The asteroids are rich in Trellium ore so Archer orders Trip to try to collect some. Archer, Reed, Hawkins (a Maco) and T’Pol take a shuttlepod to get to the ship and investigate. T’Pol had worked on the Seleya before being assigned to Earth. On the shuttlepod, T’Pol mentions that the Vankaara had been sent to find the Seleya and tells Archer “You already know what happened to that crew.” Meanwhile, Tucker and Mayweather use the transporter to beam over small asteroid fragments. The transporter gets damaged and Mayweather suggests they take a shuttlepod and try to land on one of the bigger ones.

Archer and company find the Seleya which is severely damaged and board it. Reed and Hawkins check out the starboard section. Archer and T’Pol are attacked by a lone Vulcan and after stunning him decide they will take him to the shuttlepod but two more show up and attack. Later Reed and Hawkins are also attacked. Archer and T’Pol meet up with them and they decide to leave. They try to make their way to the airlock but are sealed in. They are attacked again and Hawkins gets injured. They manage to get away and decide to go to sickbay to treat the MACO’s wounds. Archer tries to contact Enterprise but can’t. They decide to get to the Vulcan ship’s com system as the bulkheads leading to the airlock are sealed. T’Pol is starting to get sick as well.

Meanwhile, Trip and Travis land on an asteroid. They get some ore fragments and leave but their shuttle gets damaged. They manage to return to the ship however. Archer and the others decide to get to engineering where they can use an auxiliary control to open the airlocks and a transceiver to contact Enterprise. While there, Archer finally gets through to Trip and tells him they will need help getting off the Vulcan ship. Trip reports that it will take a couple of hours to repair Shuttlepod two. Archer sends bio-data on the Vulcans to Phlox so he can analyse their condition. Phlox discovers that it is the trellium-D that is affecting the Vulcan crew and T’Pol. It is a neurotoxin to the Vulcan nervous system.

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