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Story by: Phyllis Strong
Teleplay by: Phyllis Strong
Directed by: Roxann Dawson

Synopsis followed by review: 
Hoshi is in her quarters when she hears a voice whisper her name. He asks: “Do you understand me?”. Later he appears to her in the shadows. He looks like a human male and asks: “Can you see me?”. Frightened, Hoshi calls security.

Meanwhile, T’Pol has been studying the Xindi starcharts to determine the location of spatial anomalies in the Expanse. Archer comes in and she shows him that there are two spheres that are causing the anomalies and that the second sphere is just 4 light years away. She suggests that they will “need precise measurements of the sphere’s gravimetric fields”. Archer decides to set a course for it.

Hoshi speaks to Reed about the intruder but Reed finds no evidence to back up her claims. Hoshi then visits Dr. Phlox as she has headaches. She mentions the *hallucinations* and Phlox suggests that it may be due to stress. He also mentions that on Denobula, hallucinating under stress is a healthy way to “release nervous energy”.

As T’Pol has asked her, Hoshi goes to work translating more of the Xindi database. She hears a voice again. Suddenly, a planet appears on the screen and the voice says: “That’s where I’m waiting for you.”. The screen changes and shows Hoshi. The stranger appears to her again and he says he can help her. Hoshi then finds herself off the ship and in what appears to be his home high in a mountain. She then turns to find Reed standing before her.

Later in sickbay, Hoshi claims that what is happening to her is real. Archer tells Phlox to keep Hoshi under observation and tells Reed to beef up security, just in case. Hoshi offers to feed Phlox’ pets and he apparently leaves. She turns around to find Phlox is behind her and he begins to speak like the alien. He tells her he has been studying her for some time and that he is 3 light years away. He shows her his home again and says he knows she and her crewmates are on an urgent mission and that he wants to help. Hoshi goes to see Archer and tells him that the alien “wants to use his abilities to help find the Xindi” and that he wants to meet with her. Archer tells Mayweather to change course.

Upon arriving, Archer, Reed and Hoshi take a shuttlepod to the alien’s *castle*. The alien tells them he wanted Hoshi to come alone but Archer states that the captain always takes part in first-contact missions. The alien welcomes them and says his name is Tarquin. He no longer looks like a human male but instead a very alien humanoid. Archer asks if he can help with their mission. The alien replies that he will need an “object associated with the Xindi” in order to use his telepathy to find them. Archer agrees but then the alien requests that Hoshi stay with him while he works. Archer says that “that’s not inappropiate” and they return to the ship.

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