“The Shipment”
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Story by: Chris Black & Brent V. Friedman
Teleplay by: Chris Black & Brent V. Friedman
Directed by: David Straiton

Synopsis followed by review: 
Degra and two Xindi-Reptilians are talking together. The Xindi-humanoid says they will test the weapon on an uninhabited planet and that he will need another shipment of kemocite from Gralik. If all goes well, the weapon will be ready to deploy in a few weeks.

Archer, T’Pol and Reed are in the command centre studying the planet where the telepathic Tarquin from “Exile” said there is a Xindi colony and that part of the Xindi weapon is being built there. The planet doesn’t seem to have defense systems but Archer notices that there are high energy readings and wants to investigate them.

While Enterprise hides behind the planet’s moon, Archer, Reed and Major Hayes take a shuttlepod to the planet and find the source of the energy readings. They are coming from what appears to be a complex of sorts. Archer, using binoculars, spots some Xindi-Sloths at the entrance. He contacts T’Pol to tell her what they’ve found and that they will make their way into the complex to investigate further. When inside, Reed takes scans and finds canisters containing a radiolytic compound. Meanwhile, three Xindi-Sloths enter the room and Archer and the others hide. The Xindi talk about “kemocite” and how Degra is unrealistic in wanting such a large shipment. The Xindi leave and Archer and the others go back outside.

Archer beams over one of the canisters to T’Pol and Trip so it can be analysed further. Reed and Major Hayes suggest blowing up the complex but Archer decides it can wait as he wants to find out where the kemocite is being shipped to as that is most likely where the weapon is being built. One of the Xindi-Sloths, the one who appears to be the boss, leaves the complex to go home. Archer and the others follow him and break into the house. Archer tells him: “I have some questions for you.”

Archer tells Reed and Hayes to go outside and stand watch and proceeds to interrogate the Xindi. He finds out that his name is Gralik Durr. Archer asks about the kemocite and Gralik tells him that it is a multiphasic isotope that is used for “numerous applications”. He asks about Degra and Gralik tells him that’s none of his business. Archer asks what Degra wants the kemocite for. Gralik says he doesn’t ask his clients what they plan to do with the kemocite he sells them. Archer tells him it will be used to build a weapon to “exterminate my people”. Gralik is shocked and says he doesn’t know anything about that or where the weapon is being built. Archer says he won’t leave until he gets answers.

Later, Archer is outside with Reed while Hayes watches Gralik. Archer is speaking with T’Pol who tells him that the isotope has a subquantum imprint that is also on the Xindi probe that was used to attack Earth. Trip tells Archer that the rifle they got from one of the Xindis that had

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