“The Shipment”
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boarded the ship in “Rajiin” also has the same imprint. Trip wants to take the rifle apart. Reed congratulates Archer in succeeding in the mission since they will be destroying the complex. Archer questions their plan. Archer tells Reed: “They think they’re acting in self-defense. By destroying this complex, we’ll be confirming their worst fears about humanity.” He tells Reed to have Hayes “lay down blast suppressors” so that only the complex will be destroyed and not the settlement. Reed mentions that Gralik will tell the others about Enterprise. Archer says he will deal with Gralik when the time comes as he doesn’t want anyone to know they were there.

T’Pol beams down a fragment of the Xindi probe. Archer shows Gralik the fragment and says it is imprinted with the same quantum signature as the compound they produce at the complex and that it was part of a weapon that killed “7 million people.” Gralik denies having anything to do with the weapon.

Meanwhile Phlox and Tucker examine the rifle. Seems that the rifle has biological components that are alive and can reproduce.

Back on the planet, Gralik tells Archer that the fragment is made up of highly refined kemocite and that it was synthesized at the complex. He tells the captain that Degra had told him it was to be used for research purposes. He also tells him that there was a sixth species, the Avians, but that because of war they are now extinct. The homeworld was destroyed by the Insectoids and Reptilians and the remaining five species are scattered throughout the Expanse. Hayes comes in and Archer goes outside with him. T’Pol calls Archer to tell him that a Xindi ship is approaching the planet.

Phlox has discovered that the organic component of the Xindi rifle modulates the rifle’s power output. Phlox has been trying to find a way to destroy it. He’s found that delta radiation does the trick but that it would take large amounts to work and that this would be dangerous to humans.

Back in Gralik’s house, Archer is told that he may not have much time. Gralik tells him that they’ve been processing kemocite for Degra for almost six months and that this is to be the final shipment. He tells Archer that he may be able to find out about the weapon. Archer questions his honesty. He tells Archer: “I won’t let my work be corrupted in this way.” Two Xindi come looking for Gralik.

Trip and Phlox prepare to test the rifle. Meanwhile Degra and the Xindi-Reptilian are waiting for Gralik. The Xindi-Reptilian decides to go looking for him. Archer, Reed, Hayes and Gralik are outside when they realize that they are being followed. It turns out that “seekers”, devices that are used for tracking, are being used to find Gralik. Gralik suggests they go to a nearby cave where they will be safe from the seekers. In the meantime, Trip and Phlox test the rifle but it overloads and Trip must beam it out in space before it explodes. Back at the cave,

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