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In engineering, Phlox asks Trip why the engineers won’t let him continue with the treatments. Trip says he ordered them stopped as he needs the power for the weapons as the Xindi may be on the way. Phlox tells him that the clusters that were destroyed in the present, also disappeared from the scans that were taken 12 years ago. In other words, they were destroyed in the past as well. Phlox tells Trip: “If we can eliminate all the parasites, it’s possible the Captain’s infection will never have occurred”. T’Pol tells Trip this may alter history. Trip refuses and is called back to the bridge by Hoshi.

Six Xindi ships have entered the system. Enterprise now has shields thanks to the Andorian General, Shran. Archer leaves sickbay to go to the bridge and T’Pol follows him. One of the Xindi ships targets the bridge and destroys it. T’Pol contacts Phlox and tells him she and Archer will go to engineering to finish the procedure. When they get there, Phlox tells them the chamber has been destroyed. Meanwhile, Xindi-Reptilians have boarded the ship. Archer suggests that Phlox and T’Pol take a shuttlepod to get off the ship and that they destroy the ship by causing a subspace implosion. T’Pol and Phlox stay to help as they have to overload three plasma injectors to cause the implosion. They succeed and the ship explodes.

Archer wakes up in sickbay and it is now the present. He’s suffered a mild concussion. Phlox wants to keep him there overnight. T’Pol tells him they’ve cleared the anomalies and there are minor repairs that have to be made to the ship. She brings him a copy of the movie they were going to watch that night as he won’t be able to attend. Archer asks her for another pillow and to turn down the lights. Afterwards he tells her: “You know, you’d make a wonderful nurse.”

I was wondering when we’d see the dreaded reset-button used in a story for Enterprise and this one uses a big one BUT is it ever fun getting there. From exceptional visuals and CGI work to great music, acting and storytelling, this episode is A+ material. It’s a fun ride much like TNG’s “Cause and Effect” or “All Good Things…”.

The visuals are truly outstanding in this episode. I particularly liked the scene where the bridge gets destroyed and of course the Earth in the teaser. In fact, I think that’s the best teaser I’ve ever seen.

What stands out the most however is the character interaction. It’s almost always fun to see the characters of a series put in unusual situations or in this case time period and see how they have evolved and how they act. Of course those that haven’t watched the show regularly won’t get the same “fun” out of this episode as those who have and I feel sorry for them. Like all the series it takes time for a show to develop and this series is no exception but it is coming into its own and it is doing it big time. I’m so glad I gave it a chance. I knew from the get-go that this show had a lot of potential and I am glad to see it unfolding. Season 3 so far is shaping up to be a great one. I’m glad they’ve added the “Star Trek” to the show as it is getting to be more and more Trek-like as time goes by. What with arcs, character

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