“North Star”
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Archer goes to see Bethany who is a teacher. He tells her he wants to know about the Skagarans. She thanks him for what he did in the saloon and asks why he would risk getting thrown in jail. Archer tells her: “I don’t think that Skagaran’s life is any less valuable than mine.” She asks if he’d like to meet more Skagarans and offers to take him to the nearby settlement. Deputy Bennings and his men watch them go.

Archer meets up with T’Pol and Trip who are there examining the ship. Archer introduces Trip and T’Pol to Bethany. Trip tells Bethany it’s a little late to be teaching school as it is nightime. Bethany tells him that it is illegal to teach Skagarans. T’Pol shows Archer what looks like chips from a data module. Archer tells Trip and T’Pol to go back to the ship and see what they can find out. Archer stays behind.

Bethany asks the children to tell Archer about the Skagarans. The children tell Archer that the Skagarans took the humans from their planet so that they could work for them. The teacher tells the students that the humans didn’t want to work for the Skagarans and just then, Deputy Bennings arrives. The children run home. Bennings and his men arrest Bethany and Archer.

In the jail, Archer asks her to continue the story about the Skagarans. She tells him the ship he saw was the one the Skagarans used to bring the humans to the planet. They were building colonies and needed workers. Archer adds that they were slaves and Bethany agrees “it was a terrible crime.” He asks about Cooper Smith. To the humans, he’s a hero but to the Skags he is a butcher. He burned the ship, destroyed their weapons and killed entire Skag families. He wrote the first laws such as that the Skags cannot marry own property or go to school and Archer finishes with “so that they could never enslave the humans again.” Bennings takes Archer to speak to the Sheriff. Archer argues about the mistreatment of the Skagorans but the Sheriff tells Archer that he has to make sure that the past not get repeated. He tells Archer to be out of town in an hour and that Bethany will get 10 years for teaching the Skagarans. Archer leaves and contacts the ship. Hoshi is still translating the data. He returns to try to free Bethany from the jail. He knocks out Bennings, locks him in the jail and escapes with the teacher. The sheriff comes back, frees Bennings and they go after Archer. Archer and Bethany are getting away in a wagon but Bennings manages to shoot the teacher. Archer calls the ship and tells them to beam them up.

Back on the ship, Phlox tells Archer that Bethany is one-quarter Skagaran and that she will recover. Meanwhile, Bennings tells the Sherriff that Archer is helping the Skags and that they plan to take over again. He wants to go to the alien settlement and burn it down and kill all the Skags. The sherriff doesn’t want this to happen and tells Bennings: “As long as you work for me, our job is to enforce the law. Understood?” to which Bennings takes off his badge.

Hoshi has translated the data. She tells Archer that Bethany has told him the truth. Archer tells them that they will come back to help the colonists after they have dealt with the Xindi but that he wants them to know that Earth hasn’t abandoned them. He, T’Pol, Reed and some

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