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a few days nonetheless saves Phlox’ integrity and Archer’s and I don’t think we, the fans, could have accepted any other resolution. Of course, the fact that Sim wanted to die also helps.

Just to get a little less serious here. I loved the scenes with T’Pol and Trip at the beginning. I loved the double-entendres. I laughed when T’Pol said: “We haven’t gotten to the more challenging postures and Trip replies: “Well…I’m always up for a challenge.” I believe him. I am sure he is *up* for it. It’s a very erotic scene and yet most platonic depiction of sexual relations I’ve ever seen on TV. Here they are, in a, I can’t say it, I’m too prudish to say it but here they are in a very, typical sexual position massaging their feet no less. I couldn’t help laughing out loud at the portrayal. I loved it. It’s so good if only because kids can watch and not have the least idea of what is being intimated by the scene but adults can enjoy the suggestion of what could be going on. Sharp writing here and throughout this episode and excellent erotic teasing for the adults.

Then there is the scene with T’Pol and Sim kissing. It’s obvious that T’Pol is not your usual Vulcan and I love it. Like I’ve said before, I really like what they’ve done with the Vulcans. It leaves room for them to become what they will become in Spock’s time. It shows that they are still developing their future character traits which makes sense since this is not the 23rd nor the 24th century. Still, the effects of being around humans is starting to show on T’Pol.

I think Jolene Blalock does a great job in trying to be emotionless nonetheless and yet showing enough emotion to be a 22nd century Vulcan much like Ambassador Soval. I’ll say it again, Blalock’s facial expressions are noteworthy. She manages to maintain a Vulcan persona and yet you can see emotion in her eyes. Very well acted and I have to say the way she looks at Sim after she kissed him was, well, very sexy.

LeVar Burton’s direction is exemplary. He brings out the best of the actors, notably Scott Bakula and Connor Trinneer. Of course he had an excellent script to work with. I liked the sequence going from the baby Sim to the 4 year old. In addition, Velton Ray Bunch’s score effectively had me involved in the proceedings and definitely affected my reaction to Sim being in his room with Porthos.

Then there is Sim’s feelings for T’Pol. It is left unanswered. Sim tells T’Pol that he’s unsure if his feelings are his or Trip’s. I hope we see the effects of this revelation in T’Pol’s behavior with Trip if we’re shown any more neuro-pressure treatments. We saw how T’Pol felt about Archer in “Twilight”. Shippers are certainly getting their fill with these two relationships and I love that they are possibilities but not sure things. It’s fun in the sense that it leaves so much to the imagination.

Meanwhile poor Trip has been through a great deal of emotional traumas. He became pregnant in “Unexpected”, he was made to feel responsible for Charles suicide in “Cogenitor”,

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