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he has not gotten over the death of his sister and was wanting revenge and now a clone was created and killed so that he could live. That’s a lot of emotional baggage for a person to live with. I hope we see how this affects him in the future, especially this last event.

I thought the actors playing Sim did a great job and were well cast in terms of looking like Trip: Maximillian Orion Kesmodel at 4 years old, Adam Taylor Gordon at 8 and Shane Sweet at 17. Gordon was particular good I felt.

What makes this episode a great one is that it has layers. That’s what I loved about the writing in DS9. The stories were complex and had dimension and we find that here in this story as well. I am so encouraged to see Enterprise featuring more and more complex episodes this season. I only wish the ratings reflected the improving quality of the show. Nonetheless, it bodes well for the series in terms of its significance within the Trek saga.

I give this one an A+.

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