“Carpenter Street”
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Story by: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Teleplay by: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Directed by: Mike Vejar

Synopsis followed by review: 
On Earth, in 2004, a man drives home and when there gets a call from someone. The caller asks the man if he picked out the next selection and to be careful with the sedative as it nearly killed the last one. The man asks if he will be paid as before. The caller, a Xindi-Reptilian, replies with a yes.

We see the same man again. This time he is in his car and proceeds to pick up a prostitute. She recognizes him from a clinic he works at. He drugs her and tells her: “It’s okay. They said they won’t hurt you.” He brings her to an abandoned factory. We find out his name is Loomis. He carries her to a large room filled with beds and people in them. He puts her on one of the beds, attaches an IV to her arm and some kind of device to her head. He then takes a briefcase filled with money presumably as payment for his services.

Back on the Enterprise, Archer is feeding cheese to his dog. Daniels appears in Archer’s quarters. Archer tells him: “It’s about time you showed up…” and asks him where the Xindi weapon is. Daniels says he doesn’t know as history shows no record of the conflict between humans and the Xindi. He tells the captain that: “It takes a while for changes to ripple through the timeline.” He tells him that there has been a temporal incursion and that three Xindi are on Earth, in Detroit, Michigan in 2004.

Archer goes to T’Pol’s quarters. He tells her of the visit from Daniels and that three Xindi-Reptilians have been on Earth of the past for two months. He adds that Daniels wants to send him back to investigate and that he is allowed to take someone with him and wants to take her. They are to meet up with the former crewman in the Command Centre at 0800.

Next day, on his way to the Command Centre, Archer tells Trip that they can be returned anytime using a device that Daniels gave him and that he also has temporal tags that can be used to return anyone or anything from the past to their time. Archer and T’Pol go into the Command Centre and instead find themselves on Earth. T’Pol tells him they have travelled “90 light years” and Archer adds: “and another 150 years into the past”.

They proceed to try to steal a car. Archer uses his tricorder to unlock the cars. After some failed attempts, they finally end up stealing a small truck instead. T’Pol has a search grid to use so that they can find the Xindi. They run out of gas and Archer tells T’Pol they need money. Archer using the tricorder steals money from an ATM machine.

Loomis in the meantime arrives at a building. He goes to an apartment where a disabled man answers the door. He tells him that he needs to drive him back to the clinic so that he can fill

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