“Carpenter Street”
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out the right papers. Apparently, he didn’t fill out the right ones earlier but it seems obvious that Loomis is using the story to lure the man to his car to take him to the Xindi.

Meanwhile, T’Pol tells Archer that the Xindi are 1 km straight ahead and that there are 5 humans in the building as well. Archer tells her to set her phase pistol to kill as stun doesn’t work on the Reptilians. Archer goes one way and T’Pol another. They are trying to find a way in. T’Pol finds a gate that she thinks they can get in by. A car pulls up at the gate in front of the building and T’Pol hides. It is Loomis. He is let in and brings the disabled man in his wheelchair into the room with the other humans. He sets him up like he did the prostitute. When he sees there is no briefcase, he asks about the money. A man in the shadows tells him that they will pay him when he brings the last two people they want and that they will double his payment. They want the last two by tomorrow. Loomis agrees and goes home.

Archer and T’Pol follow him. When they get there, Archer knocks on his door. Loomis gets away by the fire-escape and Archer breaks down the door and chases him. T’Pol is waiting for Loomis on the ground and neck-pinches him. They bring him back to his apartment where Archer interrogates him. He asks him about his *friends* on Carpenter Street. He tells T’Pol to untie him and hits him. She ties him back up again and Archer threatens to hit him again unless he answers his questions. Loomis tells them that the people he’s working for told him they are developing a vaccine and that they need 8 people for the 8 blood types. Archer asks what they look like. Loomis tells him that he talks to them on the phone and that in person they are always in the shadows. He says they only need two more people and Archer suggests that he use him as the next selection.

While on their way to the factory, Archer along with Loomis and T’Pol stop at a drive-thru and get something to eat as Loomis is hungry. Loomis thinks that Archer and T’Pol are the police. When they get to the factory, Loomis brings Archer in a wheelchair inside the factory. He prepares him like the others. Loomis leaves and goes back to the truck where T’Pol is hiding and waiting. He sees her *ray gun* and she shoots it so that he’ll believe that it’s real. She tells him to drive away. Meanwhile, the Xindi come into the room where Archer is and take some blood from him. When they leave, Archer gets up and goes looking for them.

T’Pol and Loomis park near the factory. He lights up a cigarette and T’Pol makes him put it out. Meanwhile, Archer finds where the Xindi are working. He contacts T’Pol and she gets out of the car to talk to him. He tells her that they are using a bio-reactor for synthesizing a viral agent. He adds that Rajiin warned them about a bio-weapon. She asks him why they would travel to the past. He tells her Daniels told him they are probably hiding from someone and that the past is a good place to hide. T’Pol tells him they must have a temporal beacon and he should try and destroy it as they would have no way of getting back to the future. She tells him how to modify his tricorder to find it. Meanwhile, Loomis pulls out a knife presumably to attack T’Pol when she returns to the car. Archer shoots at the beacon and downs one of the Xindi at the same time. The other two shoot back. One of them takes the container holding the viral agent and they escape. Archer follows them and calls T’Pol to tell her where they

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