“Carpenter Street”
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out there and how many would sell out their own kind for the sake of money?

There are also some lines that look like they were thrown in to make the episode more substantial or meaningful like T’Pol talking about how fossil fuels will be depleted soon or when she talks about Loomis and says: “In one individual we’ve managed to find the worst qualities of this era: greed, violence, moral corruption.” Unfortunately, these lines didn’t really resonate and seemed more like padding.

While it appears that nothing in this episode advances the Xindi arc and this episode seems more like filler than anything else, we do learn that the Xindi are being helped by their *future guy* to the point of being given time-travelling equipment. This brings up more questions. Is he the one who suggested the bio-weapon? The Xindi are more than serious about their goal to eliminate Earth but is it them or the *future guy* who wants this? Still, we don’t know if this is the way *all* the Xindi from the Council think since the setback to the super-weapon in “The Shipment” or if it is only the Xindi-Reptilians who are doing this. Who does the Xindi future guy speak to? Does he contact all of them or only the ones he thinks will follow his suggestions or are they orders? Who were these Reptilians hiding from? Lots of unanswered questions here and we need to get some answers soon since the captain saving the Earth once again is getting old fast. I hope we get to see what happens to the Xindi-Reptilians and their equipment in the next episode. One more thing, were they dead or just stunned?

Lastly a silly question. How do you keep people sedated and/or tied up for days on end and deal with their need to go to the washroom? I know it’s irrelevant and somewhat silly but I’ve always found that sort of thing hard to believe and distracting.

This wasn’t the worst episode I’ve seen so far. It had some entertaiment value if only for T’Pol’s and Archer’s interactions. It’s worth a watch in spite of seeming to be nothing more than filler that will be forgotten or will it fill in a piece of the Xindi arc in the future?

I give this one a C+

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