“Chosen Realm”
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Story by: Manny Coto
Teleplay by: Manny Coto
Directed by: Roxann Dawson

Synopsis followed by review: 
Trip and Travis return to the Enterprise after taking scans of a third sphere. Aliens watch them on a screen as the shuttlepod emerges from the sphere’s cloaking field. One of the aliens, presumably the leader, asks to see the Enterprise. As he watches, he tells the others he wants to know what armaments the ship has.

Back on Enterprise, Reed receives a distress call from a nearby ship. He calls Archer who is with T’Pol in the Command Center. As the vessel’s life support systems are failing, Archer orders Reed to have them dock and come aboard but to use full security precautions and make sure that none of the aliens are armed.

Archer goes to Sick Bay to see the aliens. Phlox tells him that they won’t let him take bio-scans for religious reasons but that they appear generally healthy. The leader of the aliens is called a Pri’Nam rather than Captain. Archer notices that some of the aliens have been affected by spatial anomalies and have scars. Archer goes to speak to the leader. His name is D’Jamat and he tells Archer that they have been on a pilgrimage to the 12th sphere. Archer asks that he join him for dinner.

At dinner, Archer asks D’Jamat if he knows of the Xindi. The Pri’Nam says he does not. He adds that his people’s planet is called Triannon. He tells Archer and T’Pol that the area they are in is called the *Chosen Realm* and that the spheres were made by the *Makers*. He and his people see them as gods. The anomalies to D’Jamat are the way by which the Makers make themselves felt; they are the Maker’s *breath*. D’Jamat suggests that there may be 1000 spheres but T’Pol corrects him and tells him that she has calculated that there are 59. D’Jamat and T’Pol argue about the merits of science vs. religion when Archer interrupts them. He suggests they should discuss that at another time and tells D’Jamat that his vessel will be repaired in a few days. D’Jamat hopes he can repay their kindness.

One of the aliens, a female, visits Dr. Phlox to ask about a procedure. In the meantime, D’Jamat is talking with other aliens in the mess hall. He asks if “everyone is in place”. He is told that they are and are waiting for his signal. They are going to take over the ship. One of the aliens, Yarrick, has doubts as the Enterprise crew saved their lives. D’Jamat tells him that Archer and his crew have desecrated a sphere. He tells Yarrick that what they are about to do will bring salvation not only to them but to the Enterprise crew and for him not to lose faith.

Meanwhile in Archer’s ready room, T’Pol and Archer discuss the Triannon’s beliefs. T’Pol excuses herself and leaves when D’Jamat comes calling. D’Jamat tells Archer that they are about to go on a *glorious mission*. He tells him that he has people positioned around the

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