“Chosen Realm”
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ship and that they will take control of it; that his people are armed with organic explosives and that they will gladly die for their cause. He has one of his people blow himself up to prove they mean what they say. One Enterprise crewmember dies and several others are injured. Archer goes to the bridge and is followed by D’Jamat who tells him that he has two people stationed near the warp reactor and that he will have the ship blown up if they don’t get control of it. Enterprise crewmembers are then locked up in their quarters. In Sick Bay, Phlox refuses to leave as he has injured to take care of. Yarrick has a guard posted to watch him.

In engineering, Archer tells Trip not to interfere with the Triannons. Archer is locked in his quarters and D’Jamat tells him he did the right thing in letting them take control of the ship. Later, on the bridge, D’Jamat orders Travis to lay in a course for Triannon. He orders that his old ship be left behind and destroyed.

D’Jamat is now in the Command Center. Archer comes in and the Pri’Nam tells him about their *glorious mission*. He tells Archer that they are on their way to Triannon and that when there he intends to destroy the *heretics* and end the war with them once and for all. Archer asks how many will die? D’Jamat refutes this as he says “when the Makers return, only the faithful will survive” as not only will Triannon heretics be destroyed but all non-believers. He also tells Archer that he and his crew deserve to die for having desecrated the spheres but because of their help only one crewmember should die for the act. He gives Archer six hours to choose someone. D’Jamat then deletes all the files dealing with the spheres.

Back in his quarters Archer is visited by Yarrick who brings him a report on repairs to the ship. Archer asks him about his wife and how she visited Dr. Phlox. Archer suggests that she and Yarrick are not so ready to follow D’Jamat. Yarrick refutes what he says. Later, Yarrick speaks to his wife in a corridor. She says it’s too late to have an abortion as the doctor is under guard. She doesn’t want their future son or daughter to fight in D’Jamat’s war. Yarrick is angry that she spoke to Phlox and thinks that maybe D’Jamat’s plan will work. She argues that he doesn’t really believe that and he leaves, angry.

In the captain’s ready room, D’Jamat has been looking at the captain’s logs. Archer comes in. He tells Archer how they are both similar in that they are trying to save their people. He mentions Archer’s *torture* of a Xindi prisoner and tells him how he had to kill a young boy to prevent he and his men from being caught when spying on a heretic village. Archer suggests that he is proud of that. D’Jamat replies: “In the service of the Makers…all actions are blessed ones.” Archer argues about the Pri’Nam’s beliefs but D’Jamat doesn’t falter. He asks about Archer’s choice of a crewmember. Archer tells him: “You wanted to kill someone. Kill me.”

Archer asks that a device on board be used for the *execution* and tells D’Jamat: “It’s considered humane.” D’Jamat asks to see the device. In the transporter room, a box of some type is transported somewhere. Archer tells the Pri’Nam: “The molecules have been disassembled. Quick and painless.” D’Jamat tries to dissuade the captain but Archer wants to

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