“Chosen Realm”
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go through with it.

Later D’Jamat and Yarrick are talking together. Yarrick has doubts again. He says to D’Jamat: “These people are not our enemies.” The Pri’Nam replies: “These people are non-believers. That’s make them our enemy.” He tells Yarrick not to question him as he speaks for the Makers.

Back in Sick Bay, Phlox gets a message from Archer. Using the computer, Archer asks Phlox to “neutralize the organic explosives”. Phlox writes back that he needs Triannon internal scans. Archer proceeds to attack a Triannon guard and takes a bio-scan of him. He then sends the data to Phlox. D’Jamat is informed that a guard is missing. He goes to the bridge to use the internal sensors to find him. Just then the ship falls out of warp. T’Pol tells him that “main power is being disrupted.” In engineering, Trip tells D’Jamat that he didn’t do anything and the guard agrees. The guard tells D’Jamat that “there’s something wrong with the EPS manifolds…”. D’Jamat tells Yarrick and the guard to go investigate. Archer intercepts them and stuns the guard. He asks for Yarrick’s help.

On the bridge, D’Jamat is informed that “there’s a convoy of ships approaching.” Meanwhile, Archer is talking to Yarrick. He asks what the war is about. Yarrick tells him that they believe that the Makers created the Chosen Realm in 9 days but that the heretics believe it took 10. Archer can’t believe they’ve been at war for over a century over something like that. He shows him how to reroute the environmental controls from the Bridge to Sick Bay so that Phlox can deploy an airborne neutralizing agent that will render the organic explosives inert.

Meanwhile back on the bridge, the ships are hailing Enterprise. D’Jamat tells them to surrender. D’Jamat tells T’Pol to “target the lead vessel.” She refuses and one of the Triannons takes her post and proceeds to destroy one of the ships.

In Sick Bay, Phlox lets loose his pet bat. She flies around and distracts the guard. During this time, Archer frees Reed. They go to engineering. He tells Reed “We need the MACOs.” The *heretic* ships retreat and D’Jamat orders Travis to follow them. Yarrick, now on the bridge, begins to reroute the controls to Sick Bay. Back in Sick Bay, Phlox tells the guard that there’s no antidote to the bat’s venom. The guard is frightened and Phlox is able to hypo him. Phlox waits for Yarrick to finish and then deploys the agent. Archer and Reed make their way to engineering where they stun the guards. One of them pretends to surrender and tries to blow himself up but the explosive doesn’t work and Reed stuns him. They keep moving and attack more guards. The heretic ships signal that they want to surrender but D’Jamat wants them destroyed but weapons are down. Archer contacts the bridge and tells D’Jamat that controls have been rerouted to engineering. The ships begin to attack again. Reed and the MACOs make their way to the bridge and secure it. Archer gets to the bridge and tells the *heretics* to stand down as he is now in control of the ship. The ships move off.

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