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Story by: Terry Matalas
Teleplay by: Michael Sussman
Directed by: Mike Vejar

Archer is piloting an unknown vessel that is being attacked by Xindi-Insectoid ships. With him is Degra, the Xindi-Humanoid who is responsible for the super-weapon that will be used to destroy Earth. Degra asks what is going on. Archer tells him that they were in an Insectoid prison and are now in the middle of escaping. Archer, with Degra’s help, vents warp plasma from the vessel which disables the Insectoid ships’ engines. Archer plans to take the vessel to a nearby system where he hopes they can both hide. Degra asks more questions and Archer explains to him that they are friends and that he’ll explain everything once they get away.

Degra doesn’t believe that: “my own people would hold me prisoner.” Archer explains that the Insectoid’s used blood worms to interrogate him and that one of the side-effects is amnesia. Degra asks more questions. Archer tells him that the weapon’s test failed because of Gralik. He continues that the weapon was finished and launched weeks later and destroyed Earth and that: “old Xindi rivalries started to surface.” The Insectoids were secretly building ships with the goal of “dominating the other Xindi species.” Degra has pain in his arm which turns out to be caused by the bloodworm. Degra asks Archer to remove it which he does.

Later, Archer takes out a bottle of some sort of alcohol. Degra is still suspicious and asks how it could be that he and Archer could have become friends. Archer tells him that the Insectoids had put them in the same cell and that they had fought each other for a long time till Archer called a truce and they agreed to try to escape. He asks what vessel they are on. Archer tells him it is a Malosian vessel and that the Malosians are traders that bring supplies to the prison. Degra suggests they: “set a course to your vessel.” Archer tells him Enterprise was destroyed by the Insectoids and that was when he was captured. Degra tells him: “they (the Insectoids) destroyed everything the Council worked for.” Archer asks: “The Council?” Degra explains that after their world was destroyed that the “Council was created to find a new homeworld for all Xindi. … Our plan for reunification was put aside when we learned of the threat from Earth.” He asks Archer about his family. Archer tells him that he heard from his wife Naara before being sent to prison and that: “she and the children were safe.” Archer tells him: “We have a ship now; we can look for them.” Degra replies: “they were at a colony near a red giant.” A rupture in the ship leaks reactor coolant into the vessel. Archer takes out an oxygen mask and gives it to Degra and tells him to repair the rupture. Meanwhile Archer falls down succumbing to the fumes. Degra finishes the repairs and gives Archer oxygen and saves him. Later they are both asleep. Archer gets up and takes a hypo and injects Degra with something. He goes to a screen where he calls to T’Pol to let him out. He leaves what appears to be a modified shuttle. Phlox tells Archer that Degra should be out for two hours. Archer tells Phlox to: “keep an eye on him.” and asks Trip to come with him. In the Command Centre, Archer asks T’Pol about the red giants. She tells him there are several in the region. Trip thinks that just because Degra told Archer that his family was located near a red giant doesn’t mean the weapon is being built there. Archer disagrees. T’Pol suggests that Archer ask him

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