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The Xindi storyline is certainly getting more complex as are these latest episodes which is great. I can’t wait to see how it ends up being tied up with the Temporal Cold War. Who told the Xindi that Earth would attack them? Is the *future guy* who controls the Suliban and Silik really a villain or is he on the human’s side? Who is he really? It’s great to know that this is yet another side of the story that is yet to be explored in this arc.

I liked how we got to see the whole crew in action including Hoshi and Travis. I loved that final line from Archer to Mayweather as he says with a smile: “I think you overdid the turbulence just a little ensign.” to which Travis replies: “I’ll try to do better next time sir”…so TOS-like. Also Hoshi’s talents were well featured here. Her translation of Degra’s letter to his wife was intregral to the plot. She wasn’t just used here as filler. In addition, I liked that they used hydraulics to get the shuttle shaking. As they don’t have holodecks, this was a neat way that the writer used to do the simulation.

This show is certainly coming into its own. The characters are becoming more solid; the writers are getting, dare I say it, original which is no easy feat considering that Trek is 35+ years old and that sci-fi is so over-saturated on television and in movies. The direction for the most part is excellent. The acting superb. The f/x are above par. Frankly, it should be up there in the ratings but alas it is not. This show deserves good ratings as it is a very good show. It reminds me of TOS and DS9 and that is not a small thing. I am so glad I stuck with the show and didn’t give up on it. Knowing that TNG and DS9 didn’t really get good till later seasons kept me going and I had faith that this show would get better as well and it is. I just wish more Trek fans would realize this and start watching.

I give this highly entertaining episode an A.

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