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Corporal Cole arrives at T’Pol’s quarters. She is there for a Vulcan neuro-pressure treatment. T’Pol reminds Cole that Phlox told her not to get any more treatments from Trip. She talks about Trip and Cole’s relationship with him. When Cole tells her why she likes Trip, T’Pol *accidentally* pokes Cole’s back a little too hard and apologizes.

The MACOs, Reed et al are having another training session. Hayes tells them “we developed this specialized training system at Jupiter Station a few months ago. The goal is to hit as many targets as you can in ten seconds.” He asks Reed to try it first. Using a rifle, Reed hits a few targets but misses many. Hayes then takes a turn and of course is better at it. Reed is obviously miffed.

In the mess hall, Trip talks to Reed about the target practice. Reed says he doesn’t like Hayes. He thinks the major is trying to take over the security of the ship. Reed changes the subject and talks about Corporal Cole and Trip’s neuro-pressure treatments with her. Reed teases him and suggests that the treatments are intimate. Trip denies it. Reed then complains about a pain he’s got and Trip cuts him off: “Just drop it.” Reed chuckles.

Archer is interrogating the alien in Sick Bay. He tells Archer that he is from a “transdimensional realm.” He says that he doesn’t know why he was sent into the disturbance. The alien was a prisoner and was told by the guards that he would be set free if he participated in an experiment. He wants to be sent back. He believes the aliens wouldn’t abandon him and he thinks he will die otherwise. His hand starts to disappear and he shouts: “What’s happening to me? What’s happening to me?!”

Captain’s Starlog, supplemental: “With Travis’ adjustments in place, we’ve resumed course for the red giant.”

Trip is getting a neuro-pressure treatment from T’Pol in her quarters. He asks if she’s upset about him and Amanda Cole. She says no. Trip suggests she is jealous of him and Amanda Cole. T’Pol replies that he is implying that she is attracted to him. Trip agrees. T’Pol answers that it is the other way around, that he is attracted to her. She mentions Trip’s clone, Sim and says: “He said he had feelings for me.” Trip wonders if he’s jealous of himself. T’Pol asks if he is. Trip agrees that he may be, a little. T’Pol then suggests that he is attracted to her. Trip is bewildered and asks: “What just happened here? Did we…? Are we…?” Just then, T’Pol grabs his head and kisses him. She stands up and takes her robe off revealing that she is naked underneath and kisses him again.

Back in Sick Bay, the alien asks Phlox some questions such as what species he is and what the others are. He asks if he’s going to die and Phlox reassures him that he is “doing everything” he can. The alien thanks him. Phlox leaves and the alien comes up behind him and grabs him by the throat. His arm passes through Phlox’ neck rendering the doctor unconscious. He then passes through a Sick Bay wall and leaves.

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