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In the gym, Reed is practicing his fighting skills using a mirror. Hayes comes in and is about to leave when Reed tells him he’d like a sparring partner. They fight and then get angry with each other. It turns into a fist fight. They confront each other. Reed accuses Hayes of trying to take over security and tells him he can’t stand taking orders from him. Hayes kicks Reed and he goes down. Hayes goes to leave but Reed won’t let him go. He runs after him and jumps on him. They tear at each other when a tactical alert is called.

The alien is disrupting systems as he moves through the ship. Reed and Hayes go after him but weapons have no effect. He’s headed for engineering where he knocks out Trip. The alien climbs up onto the warp reactor and inserts his hand into it. Reed shouts to Hayes that they need to “reverse the polarity on the plasma coils” and thus create a feedback pulse. The alien is knocked off the reactor. He is unconscious.

Trip and T’Pol are in the mess hall. Trip talks about the night before. T’Pol thanks him. Trip with a smile on his face tells her she doesn’t have to. She goes on to say that she wanted to explore human sexuality. Trip is insulted and compares himself to a lab rat. He then asks that it be kept secret. He suggests they “forget it ever happened.” T’Pol agrees. He wants to continue the neuro-pressure treatments however and tells her so. T’Pol looks uncomfortable and looks away.

In Archer’s ready room, Reed and Hayes get a dressing-down. Archer is very angry and shouts at them: “Settle it. That’s an order!” Reed replies: “There’s no problem Captain.” Hayes adds quickly: “It’s settled, sir.” Archer is called by Phlox and leaves. Reed and Hayes are left standing there and Reed asks: “Think we’re dismissed?”

Back in Sick Bay, Archer asks what the alien’s mission is. He shouts: “You tried to destroy my ship. Why?!” The alien smiles and Archer grabs him and yells: “Answer me!” The alien tells Archer: “When the Xindi destroy Earth, my people will prevail.” The aliens desintegrates and disappears.

Lots of eye-candy in this episode, not only for the gents but for the ladies as well. We get to see a *very* attractive Mayweather sparring with a MACO for one thing and many other nice shots of the men of Enterprise to T’Pol’s naked backside and Corporal Amanda Cole’s cleavage. If they wanted to titillate us, they succeeded. One interesting thing here. I watched the show on both a Canadian station and again on UPN. On the Canuck station, we got to see half of Blalock’s behind while on the American station we only got to see her back. I was surprised at that but then after the Janet Jackson controversy over her showing her breast at the Super Bowl game half-time show, I guess that may be why. Still, I can’t help but find all of this extremely silly. I’m glad that the producers of Enterprise are getting a little risque with the show. After 7 years of sterility on Voyager, it’s welcome by me. I’m sure they are some that don’t agree with this but hey, we can’t all agree on everything.

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