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Story by: Andre Bormanis & Mike Sussman
Teleplay by: Andre Bormanis
Directed by: Michael Grossman

After a short series of flashbacks, we find the Enterprise orbiting a planet. The object of interest is a Xindi ship which is not of Reptilian nor Primate design. There are no bio-signs or atmosphere on the ship. Archer wants to investigate it.

Archer, T’Pol, Tucker, Reed and Major Hayes take a shuttlepod to the planet. They enter the Xindi ship. In it they find two dead Xindi-Insectoids. Archer wants the bodies taken back to the ship for an autopsy. Archer tells T’Pol to find and try to access the ship’s database. He and Hayes go to the portside of the ship to see what they can find. They discover what appears to be a kind of shuttle while T’Pol finds a “computer interface.” Trip tells her to download what she can. They then continue on. They come across a “heavily reinforced” chamber and enter it. When they do, the hatch closes and the chamber fills up with an oxygen/nytrogen atmosphere. Reed opens his helmet as does Tucker. Reed picks up faint bio-signs.

Archer and Hayes investigate the *shuttlecraft* on the Xindi ship. It appears to be an “assault vehicle” as it is well-armed. Trip calls Archer and tells him to come see what they’ve found. The bio-signs have turned out to be Xindi-Insectoid eggs and the chamber a “hatchery”. As the bio-support is failing, Archer asks if it can be repaired. Trip says: “I wouldn’t know where to start.” Archer orders Trip and Reed to bring the Xindi *shuttle* back to the ship to analyse “their tactical systems.” Reed and Trip leave. Archer asks T’Pol if she’s found the ship’s Bridge when suddenly he gets sprayed by one of the egg sacs.

In Sick Bay, Phlox tells Archer he was sprayed with a mild neurotoxin and that it is likely “part of an autonomic defense system.” T’Pol comes in and tells Archer they’ve found the Xindi ship’s Armory and that Hoshi is translating the data she downloaded from the Xindi ship.

Reed and Hayes are in a shuttlepod. They are bringing the two dead Xindis and the “assault vehicle” back to Enterprise. Hayes isn’t sure the Insectoids are dead. He thinks they might be hibernating and takes his phaser out. Hayes talks to Reed and tells him that he thinks the senior officers could use more target practice. He tells Reed Monday evenings would be a good time. Reed retorts that Trip wouldn’t like that as Mondays are movie nights. He continues that the officers have other duties besides playing “holographic games in the Armory.” Hayes replies that the Captain might not see it that way. They stop talking when Hoshi calls to tell them they are cleared to dock.

Later, Trip tells Archer that the Insectoids’ ship was damaged when they: “we’re coming out of a subspace vortex.” They were forced to land their ship on the planet. They died because “they transferred life support to the hatchery” and suffocated. There is only one day at best

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