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before the hatchery loses bio-support. Archer wants it repaired. Trip and T’Pol object citing the urgency of their mission to reach Azati Prime. Trip tells Archer he’d just as soon destroy the hatchery. Archer counters with: “What if we found a nursery filled with thirty-one infant primates? Would you want to torch them?” He goes on to say it’s a chance to show the Xindi that humans are not a ruthless enemy. T’Pol suggests they bring the eggs aboard. Archer replies that Phlox told him that removing them from the hatchery would kill them. Archer tells Trip that he will personally lead the engineering team and for Trip to help Mayweather “figure out how to operate that Xindi shuttle.”

Captain’s Starlog, January 8, 2154: “We’ve been in orbit for more than a day. The crew is restless, eager to resume our mission, but I’m certain my decision to stay was the right one.”

Later, Trip and Mayweather are inside the Xindi shuttle. Trip comments that almost half of the grid is “routed to structural integrity.” Travis tries one of the controls which he thinks accesses the “impulse manifolds”. It turns off power to the ship.

In the Mess Hall, Reed tells Trip which relays to remove to “disable the security protocols.” Trip replies they can’t “initialize the engines without them.” Mayweather suggests that they could salvage the parts they need from the ship on the planet. Reed questions the Captain’s decisions as does Mayweather. Trip defends Archer. He tells them: “spending an extra day or two studying their tactical systems might be useful.”

Archer comes to Sick Bay where Phlox tells him what he’s discovered from the autopsy. He tells Archer that the Insectoids are genderless and that they can produce “multiple egg sacs.” He thinks that all Insectoid ships probably have hatcheries. He continues that they probably live for about 12 Earth years. Archer wants to know when the eggs will hatch. Phlox thinks it will take “no more than a week at most.” The doctor tells Archer that he should get some sleep but the Captain cuts him off and leaves.

T’Pol takes a shuttlepod to the planet. At the Insectoid ship she finds two MACOs guarding the entrance to the hatchery. She enters. We see Trip working on repairs. She approaches Archer who is also repairing the ship and tells him she has the report from Reed concerning the Xindi tactical systems. He tells her “later” and continues to work. She asks about the guards. He replies: “these eggs are vulnerable.” They are about to test the power grid but when they do there is a power surge which damages one of the egg sacs. Archer wants the baby Insectoids taken to Enterprise to try to save them.

In Sick Bay, Phlox tells Archer that it is too late and that the babies are dead. Archer wants to hold a funeral for them. Tucker contacts Archer and tells him that the surge happened because their converters are incompatible with the Xindis’. Archer asks if they can bring the Xindi reactor back online. Trip replies that the Xindi ship has very little antimatter left. Archer tells T’Pol that he wants her to work with Trip and that he wants their antimatter transferred to

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