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the Xindi ship. T’Pol tells him they only have 60% of their antimatter left. Archer insists.

In the Command Centre, Trip tells T’Pol and Reed that it would take one third of their antimatter to power the Xindi ship. T’Pol tells Trip to delay the transfer and that she’ll talk to Archer.

Back in the Hatchery, Archer is still doing repairs. T’Pol comes in and talks to him about how transferring the antimatter will deplete their “reserves by one third.”. Archer maintains that they’ll have enough antimatter to reach Azati Prime. T’Pol replies that the weapon might not be there. She tells him that she, Reed and Trip think that this will compromise their mission. Archer tells her to go back to the ship and start the transfer. She refuses and tells him that they should contact Admiral Forrest. Archer tells her: “You’re relieved as First Officer.” He tells Hayes to take her back to the ship and “confine her to her quarters.”

Later, on the Enterprise, Archer has taken a shower. Trip visits him and tells him it will take “four or five hours” to transfer the antimatter. He questions Archer’s decisions concerning T’Pol. Archer explains that she defied his orders in front of the crew. Trip wonders about the Captain’s decisions. Archer tells him a story about his grandfather and the Eugenics wars and how they avoided harming school children that were trapped between his grandfather’s soldiers and the enemy. He tells Trip: “There are rules Trip, even in war. We have to help these children.”

In the Armory, Major Hayes shows Reed some computer battle simulations. Reed snidely remarks: “I asked you to look for weaknesses in their shields, not to play more games.” Hayes shows Reed that the impulse manifolds of the Insectoid ships are vulnerable. Reed acknowledges Hayes work and apologizes for being so ready to dismiss it. They discuss the situation concerning T’Pol. Hayes agrees with Archer’s decision. Reed tells him he has to get back to the Bridge and leaves.

Trip goes to T’Pols quarters and tells the guard he’s there for a neuro-pressure treatment. When he objects, Trip asks if he really wants him to get Phlox. He lets him in. When Trip enters T’Pol asks him what their status is. He tells her the “antimatter is on its way.” She thinks that this will deplete their antimatter reserves. She tells him they need to get Archer examined by Phlox and that there may be “grounds to relieve him of command.” They continue talking about the situation. Trip tells her: “You’re asking me to betray him.” She answers: “You can’t allow your personal feelings for the Captain to affect your decision. We both know he’s endangering this ship and our mission.”

On the Bridge, Meaweather tells Reed a subspace vortex is opening. Reed calls for Archer. Hoshi reports that it is an Insectoid ship. The Xindi ship fires at Enterprise. Enterprise fires back. They try the phase cannons but nothing happens. Reed, recalling what Hayes has discovered, orders the use of torpedoes which work and destroy the Xindi ship. Archer comes

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