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to the Bridge. When he finds out the Insectoid ship has been destroyed he is angry. He tells Reed: “the crew might have been able to take care of the hatchery.” Reed tells him they would have: “given away our position.” Archer calls Hayes. He tells Reed he is relieved of duty, will report to Hayes and will be confined to his quarters. Archer tells Hoshi to send out a distress call in the Insectoid language.

Later, in his ready room, Archer talks to Hayes. He talks about the chain of command. He tells Hayes: “You’re in command while I’m on the surface. You answer to me and me alone.”

In the Lauch Bay, Archer is loading up a shuttle with containers filled with antimatter. Trip and Phlox try to reason with him and make him realize he’s making wrong decisions. They want him to come to Sick Bay to be examined. The Captain replies he’ll be happy to go after the Xindi ship is repaired. Trip insists and Archer accuses him of being influenced by T’Pol. Phlox cites Starfleet order 104, Section C. It gives him the power to relieve the Captain. Archer threatens to have them both confined to quarters and they back down.

In Sick Bay, scans that Phlox secretly took of the Captain as they were talking to him in the Lauch Bay reveal nothing. He and Trip talk about what to do. Concerned about the distress signal that the Captain wants broadcast on all frequencies, Trip tells Phlox: “I think it’s time we threw the rule book out the window.”

In the Hatchery, the eggs begin hatching.

Trip tries to visit T’Pol again but the MACO guard refuses. Reed approaches with Phlox, distracts the guard and Phlox hypos him. They enter T’Pol’s quarters. She tells Trip retrieving the Captain and the antimatter are the priorities. Reed tells her they should secure the Bridge first.

In the Hatchery, Archer tells the two MACOs there to return to the ship.

Back on the Enterprise, in the Armory, T’Pol, disguised as a crewmember, neck-pinches one of the MACO guards. Reed stuns the other. They get weapons. Trip and a crewmember *beam* down to the planet and the Hatchery.

Meanwhile, T’Pol, Reed and a crewmember make their way to the Bridge.

Down on the planet, Trip uses a stun grenade to knock out the MACOs. They enter the hatchery. Archer is watching the newborns.

Back on the ship, a MACO calls Hayes who is on the Bridge to tell him T’Pol has escaped.

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