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It also made me think about the future. Will the MACOs become a permanent part of Starfleet and actually become enlisted in it? I also like to think that maybe a rogue MACO or MACOs create Section 31 when the Federation is formed who is/are perhaps disenchanted with Starfleet’s desire for exploration without a more decisive security component. It would make sense somehow as they are more *militaristic* than Starfleet and are trained for warfare. I do hope, if the series runs its course, that we do get to see the formation of the Federation AND Section 31.

It’s great to see the Xindi species being fleshed out. We learn some things here about the Insectoids. They are genderless, reproduce asexually and are short lived. We’ve learned some things about Primates and the Sloths in previous episodes. We’ve yet to have information about the Aquatics. The Reptilians are warmongers, of that there’s no doubt. Is instinct all that governs the mind of the Insectoids? Are they that limited? The Reptilians seem more like nasty humans than anything else in their behavior somehow. The Sloths seem to be reasonable creatures. The Primates less so but still *human-like*. We need to know more about them all. Moreover, how is this related to the Temporal Cold War?

I give this one a B-.

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