“Azati Prime”
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Meanwhile on the Enterprise, they’ve lost contact with Trip and Travis. They discover they are being scanned. T’Pol tells Archer there is a “small monitoring station” on the moon’s surface. There are three Xindi bio-signs but they don’t notify the other Xindi. T’Pol tells Archer they need to wait for the moon to rotate and “bring them back into communication range”. Archer clearly doesn’t like to do it but he orders the station destroyed.

Meanwhile, Trip and Travis are picking up traces of kemocite. The planet they home in on has very little land. It is an ocean planet. They must go underwater. They locate a structure which houses the superweapon which is in plain view and take scans of it.

Back on the Enterprise, Archer, T’Pol, Reed, Tucker and Mayweather look over the scans. Reed pinpoints where the explosive matrix is. He suggests they can start a chain reaction with some explosives: “A couple of photonic torpedoes should do the trick.” Archer says it will have to be “a one-way trip.” Travis and Trip volunteer and argue over who should go. Archer says he will fly the mission and tells Trip to get the shuttle and torpedoes ready. He tells Travis he wants him to teach him how to fly the vessel.

Archer leaves and goes to enter a turbolift when he finds himself on a different ship where he sees Daniels. Daniels tells the Captain that he is on the Enterprise – J, 400 years into the future. He continues that they are within a disturbance that “extends 50,000 light years in all directions.” Archer replies that he’s seen them before. Daniels adds that they are witnessing “the Battle of Procyon Five” where the Federation engaged and defeated the Sphere-Builders. Archer asks what the Federation is. Daniels tells him that it is an alliance of dozens of species, including humans. He continues that the Sphere-Builders know of this future and “want to change the outcome.” He continues that they contacted the Xindi to have the humans destroyed. They know that without the humans or Archer there will not be a Federation. Daniels wants Archer to make peace with the Xindi. Archer wants to destroy the superweapon. Daniels tells him that if he destroys the weapon, they will only build another one. Daniels gives Archer a family medal from a Xindi who is serving on board to use as proof that he was in the future.

T’Pol wants to quantum date the medal but Archer tells her there’s no need. She tells Archer not to go ahead with his mission to destroy the weapon. She adds: “He (Daniels) says you’re the only one who can end the conflict with the Xindi. You can’t do that if you’re dead.” Archer asks why she believes him. She replies her trip to Detroit (“Carpenter Street”) changed her views on time-travel. Archer thinks it’s too late to try to talk to the Xindi. He tells her that the “weapon is too close to being launched.” and that he won’t change his mind about his mission. She tells him: “I don’t want you to die. It’s not necessary” He replies: “I wish that were true.”

Back on the Xindi ship, the Reptilian Commander is arguing with Degra. He tells Degra: “I want four ships to accompany the weapon.” Degra replies that it would take too large a vortex for that and that they could lose some of the ships. The Reptilian wants the extra ships to go

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