“The Forgotten”
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have found chronometric distortions which suggests time travel. The Arboreal wants more proof. He tells Degra that the Sphere-Builder brought the Council together and that he is too quick to believe in Archer. Degra replies that it’s also possible that the Sphere-Builder has an *agenda of her own” and asks the Arboreal if he’s thought of that. The Arboreal retorts that he is not stupid. He tells Degra that he should not let the guilt of the creation of the super-weapon *cloud* his judgement. While the Arboreal stays behind, Degra goes back to the Enterprise.

Trip and T’Pol work on the display panel to show Degra information on the Spheres. Trip *compliments* Degra on the design of the super-weapon. He goes on to taunt Degra. He tells him about his sister Elizabeth. Archer comes in and asks Degra to come with him to his ready room. They leave. T’Pol tells Trip: “The Captain is trying to gain Degra’s trust.” Trip doesn’t say anything but is obviously resentful and leaves.

The outer hull rupture explodes. It turns out to be warp plasma conduits. The manual cut-offs can only be reached from the outside. Trip and Reed go do the repairs.

Trip and Reed make their way to the rupture. The fire is growing in size. Reed can’t open the panel and uses a plasma torch to burn it open. Meanwhile, T’Pol tells Archer they have only 6 minutes to get the work done as it will spread to the reactor shielding. Meanwhile, the fire is getting bigger. Reed is very close to it and it is dangerous for him. T’Pol tells Archer who warns Reed. Reed continues anyway. He manages to get the panel off. The temperature inside his suit reaches 46 degrees Celcius. The valve gets shut off but Malcolm is overcome. Trip calls Phlox to tell him to meet them at the airlock. They take Reed to Sick Bay to get his temperature down. Degra says he hopes he will be alright. Trip confronts Degra again. He sarcastically says to him: “What’s one more dead human to you?”. He continues but Archer tells Trip to stop. Degra pauses as he is about to leave but continues on without saying anything.

Archer shows the information on the Spheres to Degra. Degra tells him there are 78 Spheres, not 59. Archer apologizes for Trip. Degra understands and talks about why he built the weapon. Archer tells him they have had the discussion before and Degra replies he remembers when they were *escaping* from the *prison* together. Degra tells Archer the Spheres are connected by a subspace energy grid and that they’ve never seen the inside of a Sphere. Archer shows him the scans they have of the interior of a Sphere (“Anomaly”). Degra is surprised that a military vessel would have such detailed scans. Archer tells him that the Enterprise was meant to be a ship of exploration. Degra replies: “If we’re successful, it will be again.”

Trip is in his quarters trying to record the letter to Taylor’s family. He deletes what he has done and tries again. Just then Reed calls a tactical alert. A Reptilian ship is approaching. Archer and Degra go to the Bridge. Archer asks Degra: “Did you invite anyone else?” Degra replies: “We masked our warp trail. I don’t know how they found us.”

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