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The Sphere-Builder appears to Dolim on his ship. He tells her that they have the weapon. She is pleased and tells him to “deploy it immediately.” He tells her they still need the “third launch code.” She’s clearly not happy to hear this. He asks her to help him get the code. She replies: “That’s not possible.” He tells her she can “peer into the past” and “extract the necessary data.” She tells him she can only access general information and not details. He doesn’t believe her and says: “You’ve seen more than enough details to learn how to meddle in our affairs, to turn the Xindi species against each other.” She tells him that they’ve only tried to help the Xindi. He tells her: “Then finish what you’ve started, if it’s within your power.” She warns him that the timelines “favor the Primates and the Arboreals. Some even favor the humans.” She adds: “Unless that’s the outcome you desire, I suggest you find a way to launch the weapon.” Dolim backs down and nods in agreement.

In the Command Centre, Trip and T’Pol think they’ve found a way to disable Sphere 41 but they don’t have “all the details worked out yet.” Archer tells them to “keep at it” since the Aquatics “might want to hear those details.”

Later, the Primate visits Archer on the Enterprise. Archer asks him if he’s heard from the Aquatics. The Primate tells him it’s early yet. He continues that the Aquatics are prudent and have prevented the Council from falling apart in the past. He adds that that’s why Degra chose them to build the weapon. He didn’t want the Reptilians and the Insectoids to have “too much control.” Archer asks: “If we’re successful and we destroy the weapon…” The Primate finishes the question: “…what’s to prevent us from building another one?” The Primate talks about Degra and says: “…He believed there was a future between your people and ours. When this is over, I intend to see if he was right.” Reed calls Archer and tells him to “report to the Bridge.”

On the Bridge, Reed tells Archer: “Six vessels approaching sir. All Aquatics.” When they arrive, the Aquatics tell Archer they’ll help “intercept the weapon.” They expect Archer to “disable the Spheres.”

In the trans-dimensional realm, the Sphere-Builders are discussing the timelines. The lines all show “the humans will prevail”, says one of them. The Sphere-Builder who appears to the Xindi tells them: “Then the time has come for us to intervene.”

Inside the weapon, Dolim’s officer tells him they “have complete access” to the weapon. Dolim orders that Hoshi be taken “to her cell”. He adds: “Inform me when the weapon is ready for launch.”

Captain’s Starlog, February 13, 2154: “We’re preparing to enter a Xindi vortex thanks to some help from the Aquatics. If everything goes as planned, we’ll intercept the weapon in less than two hours. Enterprise may be coming apart at the seams, but I can’t say the same for the crew. After nearly eight months in the Expanse, they’re ready to do what they came to do, no

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