“Zero Hour”
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Story by: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Teleplay by: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Directed by: Allan Kroeker

After another series of flashbacks, we find the weapon heading for Earth. The Reptilian commander, Dolim, and his men are eating dinner (live mice). Dolim is pleased that the Sphere-Builders have chosen the Reptilians to lead the Xindi.

Degra’s ship is three hours away but catching up. Archer tells the Primate, Jannar (the Arboreal) and Reed that the only way to destroy the weapon is from the inside. They need to access Degra’s computer but it is encrypted. As Hoshi is incapacitated, Archer asks Jannar to transfer the information to a pad.

In the transdimensional realm, the Sphere-Builders are discussing the timelines. The ones showing the Reptilians succeeding are decreasing. One of the Sphere-Builders says that the Earth ship is approaching a Sphere (Sphere 41) and to increase the transformations around it.

In Engineering, T’Pol asks Trip for a report. He tells her: “We’ve realigned the main power grid. It should increase the deflector pulse threefold, maybe four. But it’s gonna fry just about every system on board.” She replies: “Be prepared to initiate the pulse within two hours.” Trip protests but T’Pol tells him that if Archer fails, the only thing that will prevent the Sphere-Builders from transforming the galaxy is if they manage to destroy the Spheres.

On the Bridge, Mayweather tells T’Pol that there is a problem with Sphere 41 and that: “There shouldn’t be anything on sensors, not with the cloaking barrier, but there it is and it’s getting bigger.”

In Sick Bay, Phlox tells T’Pol, it is a similar disturbance to the one in which they found the transdimensional being or test subject for the Sphere-Builders (“Harbinger”). He suggests that the Sphere-Builders are expecting them. T’Pol tells him they “need to get within a kilometer of the surface.” Phlox tells her the crew would be “dead within minutes” if they got that close. He adds that he “could synthesize a neuroleptic compound” that would keep the crew “conscious for 12 minutes.” He might be able to add a few more minutes but not many. He suggests that she and Trip shorten their plan.

On Degra’s ship, Archer visits Hoshi. She is obviously distraught. He asks if she has had any luck deciphering the data. She asks for Phlox. Archer tells her they are on Degra’s ship. She tells him she doesn’t know what to do. He tells her she needs to “decipher the schematics for the weapon.” She regrets that she gave the Reptilians the third code. He tells her she needs to finish getting the information on the weapon as they need to get aboard it to destroy it. She nearly breaks down but Archer manages to reach her and convince her to work on the

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