“Zero Hour”
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Inside the weapon, Dolim’s lieutenant tells him they need to keep a distance from Earth to deploy the weapon as they only have three of the codes. It will take time to arm it and they would be vulnerable if they were any closer. Dolim tells him to do “whatever it takes to fire the weapon as quickly as possible.”

In Engineering, on the Enterprise, Trip tells Travis he’s going to transfer all available impulse power to the deflector array when they get to the Sphere. Travis will only be able to use thrusters to get near the Sphere.

Archer discusses his plans with the Primate, Jannar, and Reed. Reed tells Archer the weapon is “too heavily shielded” and that they’ll have to “beam in and out” to get to the platform. Archer tells them he will take Hoshi with him and that Reed will have to look out for her. He tells Reed to beam in first and “secure the closest route to the platform.” Archer leaves to check on Hoshi’s progress.

Archer finds himself in the future with Daniels. They are at Starfleet. Daniels tells him they are seven years into the future. He adds that the Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites and Archer himself are all there to sign the charter that will create the “United Federation of Planets”. Archer tells Daniels he needs to get back. Daniels tells Archer to let Reed or someone else go to the control platform. He adds that the formation of the Federation won’t happen without him. Archer doesn’t listen and insists that Daniels send him back to Degra’s ship.

On the Enterprise, in Sick Bay, Phlox is dictating his will. T’Pol comes in. They chat and he gives her a container filled with the neuroleptic compound. Mayweather calls and tells her they’re “approaching the coordinates.”

On the Bridge, Mayweather tells T’Pol that the disturbance has grown. Phlox tells them they can’t stay in it for more than fifteen minutes. T’Pol asks if he is ready to release the compound. He nods. She orders that they “stand by to charge the deflector.”

Captain’s Starlog, supplemental: “We’ve begun to formulate a plan, thanks to Hoshi, who’s made some progress in decrypting the schematics.”

Archer enters Hoshi’s quarters. He tells her: “We’ve got to disable the reactor at a specific point during the inversion sequence but we don’t know the sequence. If it’s not done in the right order, internal safeguards will kick in and it’ll be impossible to create an overload. She tells him she’s found the sequence but hasn’t decrypted it yet as it is difficult. He tells her to “keep at it.”

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