“Zero Hour”
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Jannar tells Archer “that the weapon is being escorted” by only one ship, Dolim’s. The Insectoid ship is no longer there.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise enters the disturbance around Sphere 41. Phlox starts counting the time as they only have 15 minutes to get to the Sphere and destroy it.

On the Reptilian ship, one of Dolim’s men tells him: “Degra’s vessel is less than 20 minutes behind us.” Dolim contacts his lieutenant who is inside of and manning the weapon. He tells him to “stand by to initiate the firing sequence.” He asks the officer on his ship if there are any ships around the target, Earth. The officer replies that there is only an unarmed space station. They drop out of the vortex into normal space. Dolim asks that their target, Earth, be brought up on the screen. Dolim remarks that the Aquatics would have liked Earth as there is so much water.

Back on the Enterprise, Mayweather has located the Sphere. Trip notices that the skin on his hand is breaking up.

Degra’s ship drops out of the vortex and enters normal space and they locate Dolim’s ship. Archer tells Reed to get his team ready. The Primate tells Archer the Reptilian ship is headed for a space station. Archer asks if they are in “visual range.” Earth and the space station come up on the screen. He tells Jannar and the Primate that it is the “Yosemite Three”, a “research post” and is usually manned by “30 to 40 civilians.” Archer wants to contact the station but the weapon is generating too much interference.

Enterprise is nearing the Sphere. Everyone’s skin is being damaged. Trip asks Phlox about it. Phlox tells him: “It was expected. Try not to scratch it. Eleven minutes remaining.”

On the Reptilian ship, Dolim decides to destroy the space station.

Back on Degra’s ship, Archer watches helplessly as the station is destroyed. Jannar tells Archer the Reptilians are returning to the weapon.

On the Enterprise, with 10 minutes to go, Trip targets the Sphere and starts the beam. Three Sphere-Builders appear in Engineering. They attack one of the crew. They do something that causes explosions in Engineering and affects the power to the beam. Phlox tells T’Pol: “There are nine alien lifesigns aboard.”

Dolim wants to know who is on Degra’s ship. His officer tells him: “Eight Primates, three Arboreals and seven humans.” Dolim asks whether the weapon’s on Degra’s ship have “been upgraded.” His officer tells him no. Dolim thinks that is “pathetic.” He tells him to “prepare to intercept.”

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