“Zero Hour”
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Jannar tells Archer the Reptilians are arming torpedoes. Reed comes in. He tells Archer Hoshi “and the MACOs are at the transporting device.” Archer tells Jannar and the Primate: “Remember, no heroics. Just get us in and keep them off your ass.” Jannar tells Archer: “There’s another vessel approaching at high warp. They’re asking for you.”

It is the Andorian, Shran. He tells Archer: “Your not using your head pink skin. That ship you’re on is no match for the Reptilian.” He adds that he’s there to help.

Meanwhile, back on the Enterprise, they are having a hard time with the Sphere-Builders. One of the MACOs contacts T’Pol and tells her: “Our weapons are passing right through them.” Phlox tells him: “Modulate your weapons to a rotating frequency of 32.6 tera-cycles.” Phlox tells T’Pol he knows this as he was able to study the transdimensional alien they had *rescued* (“Harbinger”).

Shran tells the Primate to have his ship follow behind him.

Dolim notices Shran’s ship. He orders that both ships be destroyed. They attack. Shran tells the Primate to keep his ship below his. The Primate replies that they need to get “within a kilometer of the weapon.” Shran decides to fight back.” He orders: “Bring the forward cannons on line.” Shran contacts the Primate and tells him: “Go!…and tell Archer we’re not even anymore. He owes me.” While Shran keeps the Reptilians busy, Degra’s ship heads for the weapon.

Archer, Hoshi, Reed and the MACOs board the weapon. Archer and Hoshi are in front of the Reptilian lieutenant and the other Reptilians. The Reptilians go to shoot Archer and Hoshi but Reed and the MACOs who had been hiding get them first.

On the Enterprise, the beam is gaining power. The MACOs managed to get the Sphere-Builders away from Engineering.

Meanwhile, Archer and Hoshi go to invert the weapon’s firing sequence. A Reptilian shoots at Hoshi. She hides but continues to help Archer.

On the Reptilian ship, an officer tells Dolim “the humans are no longer aboard Degra’s vessel.” Dolim realizes that they have been keeping him occupied and “away from the weapon.” He orders: “Get us back.”

The Sphere-Builders, who were stopping the power to the beam, reappear. They try again. The ship shakes and Trip wonders what is happening. Phlox tells him to ignore it as they have “less than two minutes.”

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