“Zero Hour”
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Archer is almost finished with the inversion sequence. Two Reptilians approach. A MACO gets them both but yet another comes up and puts a pistol to the MACO’s head. He fights back but the Reptilian knifes him and pushes him off the platform. The Reptilian picks up a phasor and fires at Hoshi. She loses her tricorder. Archer calls out to her but she doesn’t reply. He goes to see what’s wrong and at the same time Reed manages to kick the Reptilian off the platform. He calls Archer who tells him to return to where he and Hoshi are.

Trip manages to destroy the Sphere and the Sphere-Builders disappear at the same time. It also causes all the other Spheres to implode.

Archer goes back to finish inverting the firing sequence. He must disable the reactor however before completing the inversion. Reed asks if disabling the reactor is enough. Archer tells him they must destroy the weapon not just disable it. Archer asks Reed for the charges and tells Reed and the others to return to the “outer framework” so they can be beamed to Degra’s ship. They leave.

Archer proceeds to set up the charges on the reactor. He disables it. Meanwhile the three ships approach the weapon. Archer completes the inversion which causes the system to begin overloading. Dolim appears. He angrily says: “What have you done?” and grabs Archer by the arm and pulls him up. They fight. Dolim tries to undo what Archer has done but Archer continues to fight with him.

One of Shran’s officers tells him that a Reptilian has beamed over to the weapon. Shran orders the Reptilian ship destroyed.

Back on Degra’s ship, Reed and the others have beamed over. Reed asks the Primate if they’ve got a lock on Archer. Jannar tells him they don’t as Archer “is too deep within the weapon.”

Meanwhile, Archer and Dolim continue fighting. Archer gets away and shows Dolim the keypad that controls the charges. Archer turns it on and it activates a charge which is lodged on Dolim’s back. Archer moves behind a post while Dolim is wide-eyed with surprise and shock as the charge explodes and kills him.

Archer leaves to make his way to the outer framework to be beamed out. The weapon starts to self-destruct. It explodes.

Acting-Captain’s Starlog, February 14, 2152 (This is the wrong date and should be 2154): “We’re holding position at the coordinates where we were told to meet Degra’s vessel. So far, there’s been no word from them.”

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