“Storm Front”
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the ship. They talk about the alien and Sal thinks the alien is a Martian. Archer says he doesn’t know what planet the alien is from. Alicia notices that there are a lot of people out after curfew. Just then two Nazi soldiers come out of a building. They start shooting and Sal is shot in the back. The other insurgent tells Alicia and Archer to go. Archer and Alicia run away but are cornered by the Nazis. Archer continues to try to reach the Enterprise while Alicia shoots at the Nazis.

Trip and Travis have set explosives in the shuttlepod. Nazis arrive and enter the pod. Trip sets off the charges and the shuttlepod explodes along with the Nazis. Other Nazis arrive and they are captured.

On the Bridge, Hoshi loses contact with Trip and Travis but picks “up another signal”. It is Archer. He and Alicia are still being shot at by Nazis and are captured but they manage to beam out and to escape. When they arrive at the ship, Alicia is a bit disoriented. Archer tells her they are on his ship. She tells him: “Promise you won’t do that again.”

Archer and Alicia go to the Bridge. Hoshi rushes to hug Archer. T’Pol is very surprised to see Archer. She can barely contain her emotions.

In Sickbay, Archer is greeted by Porthos. Archer goes to talk to Daniels who is dying. Archer asks about the aliens. Daniels tells him they are led by “Vosk”, a “fanatic” and leader of “the most dangerous faction of the Cold War” who is “violently opposed to the temporal accords”. He tells Archer to stop Vosk and that if he is successful, “the war will never happen” and “the timeline will be restored”. Daniels goes on to say that the “machine” the aliens are building to create a conduit must be “enormous”. He tells Archer to destroy it and dies.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the Nazis take Trip and Travis to Vosk who tells them: “I assure you, whatever I want to know, you’ll tell me, gratefully.” The alien tells the guards to prepare them for questioning and that he will be “busy supervising another test”. They leave. The alien Nazi walks away and looks down at what appears to be the machine being constructed. The episode ends and is “to be continued”.

This season marks a new change in how the show is filmed. They will now be using high definition digital video as opposed to the 35mm film used in the first three seasons. You can try to see for yourself if there’s a difference. The flashbacks at the beginning are in film while the rest of the show is in the new format. I didn’t see a difference so that new Sony camera works very well in my estimation. It will also take less time to film scenes. From an article on this at TrekWeb.com:

“Setting up lighting is typically one of the more time-consuming parts of a television shoot. It could take over an hour to light one shot, during which time the cast retires to their trailers

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