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potential. He sees them as the future and sees nothing wrong with their behavior. Had he stayed with them till they became adults, would they have turned out the same way? The end of the episode does give us some idea of what Soong thinks should happen. He tells them: “We’re going to build a new world”. Nevertheless, what does he mean exactly, a new world on Earth or elsewhere? As this is the first of three episodes, I guess we’ll find out or at least I hope so. It would be good to know what exactly he had in mind (back when he stole the embryos) and what he plans now. Moreover, we don’t really find out what happened during the Eugenics wars, which would have been very interesting. We do know from TOS’s “Space Seed” that some of the Augments, namely Khan, had tried to take over the world but we don’t know the whole story or why they turned out the way they did. Of course, in the TOS episode, they talked about superior ambition as being the reason and I suppose that makes sense. Still, I just can’t buy that superior intellect and strength would automatically create power hungry despots. That they would want to be leaders is more believable but cruel dictators, well, I don’t know. How the heck they were raised is what I’d like to know. Nonetheless, the thirst for power is a little more believable about these particular Augments considering the way they grew up. On a lighter note, we see that T’Pol’s marriage wasn’t consummated. It leaves open the possibility of Trip and her getting together which is something I’d like to see. Call me romantic but I like them together. There was also a nice scene where Archer gives T’Pol the compass and tells her: “I’m glad you’re with us.” The scene with T’Pol and Ensign Pierce is also noteworthy. Nice little touches that give warmth to the episode.

I give this one a B.

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