Played by: Nicole deBoerThe young, exotic Lieutenant Ezri Dax is the new host of a three hundred year-old symbiont previously in the body of Jadzia Dax. Born and raised on Trill in a well to do family. Ezri decided not to go into the families mining business and study Psychology at Starfleet academy.

Following the death of Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax, the Dax symbiont was to be taken to Trill and placed into another host to carry on the Dax legacy. But the journey to find a host at the Trill homeworld was cut short during the symbiont’s voyage home on board the U.S.S. Destiny. The Dax Symbiont took a turn for it’s worst and needed a host right there and then; and the only Trill available was this young Starfleet ensign, Ezri, who did not plan, nor had the training to be a host. “I went to the operating table as one person, and woke up a whole new person… well, eight whole new persons.”

As an assistant counselor, Ezri was a notable officer with a promising future. With the joining of the Dax symbiont, Ezri has to learn to deal with the pesonalities of all previous hosts (including Kurzon and Jadzia’s taste for Ractagino), which she has admitted to be a difficult task, and to her new life aboard Space Station Deep Space Nine.

Facing a new and frightening experience with the Dax symbiont within her, Ezri was ready to leave Starfleet. Having everyone see her as the shadow of the beloved Jadzia, Ezri was confused and wanted to escape from Deep Space Nine. But after seeing how her skills have helped the distressed Elim Garak as well as herself, Ezri decided to stay and face her challenges on DS9 like a true Starfleet officer…and to honor the wishes of Jadzia. From then on, Ensign Ezri Dax was promoted to a full counselor with the rank of Lieutenant. After all, “what can they teach her in a few months that she hasn’t already learnt in the past eight hundred years?”

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