The following Fan Fiction pages are dedicated to those who aspire to tell the stories of the greatest crews and ships around. If you wish to submit a story, Open Hailing Frequencies and make it so!*

Stories by E. L. Zimmerman, our Featured Author

Federation’s End
Federation’s End II: The Witching Hour
Federation’s End III: Twilight
Scroll of the Hirogen (Part 01)
Scroll of the Hirogen (Part 02)

Star Trek: The Virtual Series by Justin Lindsey Allman

Episode I: The Life Worth Living
Episode II: The Right Stuff
Episode III: The Battle of Wolf 359 (part one)
Episode IV: The Battle of Wolf 359 (part two)

Stories by Anna Kandula

The Exchange
The Substitute

Stories by Robert Morganbesser

Duel (A DS9/Star Wars Crossover)
The Alliance (A Voyager/Dr. Who Crossover)
Collision of Realities (A Star Trek/Sci-Fi Crossover)

Stories by Bruce W. Thompson

Dear Captain Kirk
The Chancellor And the Ambassador Went To Sea

Stories from The Excelsior Campaign

Excelsior – Episode I: The Phoenix, Part I
Excelsior – Episode I: The Phoenix, Part II

Stories Based Upon The Original Series

Stories Based Upon The Next Generation

Paralysis by Dennie Kuhn

Stories Based Upon Deep Space Nine

Stories Based Upon Voyager

Stranger from the Past (script) by Darrell Dumas
If “COPS” wrote Star Trek: Voyager by John Thompson

Stories Based Upon the Other Crews, Starships, & Miscellaneous

Care and Feeding of the Pet Tribble by Myranya
The Dominion Revisited by Siroth
Everybody’s Free (To Wear phasers) by Robb Jackson
Federation Starship Designs Unsafe! An Editorial by Rob Reid
The Song of Kahless, An Excerpt from
Useful Facts About Dilithium from How Much for Just the Planet? by John M. Ford

Links to Stories I Enjoyed from Other Sites…

Revisionist History (50 years after Voyager’s return) by EJ Andrews
Faith (DS9/TNG/S31) by Gabrielle Lawson

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*I reserve the right NOT to post any submission that may be offensive, vulgar, out of character or that I just don’t like. 

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