BIOGRAPHY – TERRY FARRELL as Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax

Terry Farrell is Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax, the Starfleet Science Officer. Dax is an alien known as a Trill, a joined species comprised of two separate but interdependent entities: a host and a symbiont. While her 29-year-old body serves as a host, the symbiont that lives inside her is a 300-year-old life form that looks like a short, fat snake. Terry explains, “While Dax may appear as a young woman, she possesses the wisdom and knowledge that comes from six lifetimes of experience.”

During STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE’s fourth season hiatus, Terry completed working on a USA Network film entitled “Reasons of the Heart” in which she had a starring role as “Maggie.” Also, Terry starred in the NBC mini-series “Star,” based on Danielle Steele’s novel by the same name, which aired in September, 1993. In addition, Terry landed the starring role in the HBO movie, “Red Sun Rising.”

Born in Iowa, the beautiful and talented actress is the epitome of success. At the young age of 16, Terry signed with the prestigious Elite modeling agency, and moved to New York City. For the next several years, Terry’s beauty was captured on the covers of such publications as Vogue and Mademoiselle among many others.

Not just “another pretty face,” this ambitious woman decided to take on the challenges of acting. A serious contender, Terry studied extensively in New York and Los Angeles. Her acting talents were quickly recognized as she landed the co-starring role of Laurie Caswell in the ABC series “Paper Dolls.” Her other television work includes the NBC telefilm “L.A. Madame” co-starring Faye Dunaway, and guest starring roles on such NBC series as “Quantum Leap,” “The Cosby Show,” and “Family Ties.”

It was not long before Terry was landing lead roles in feature films. Her credits include the hit movie “Back To School,” in which she co-starred with Rodney Dangerfield, and the lead role in Miramax Films’ “Hellraiser III.”

In addition to her various television and film roles, Terry has expanded her horizons by starring in a CD-ROM game produced by Osiris Publications. In the CD-ROM game entitled “Treasure Quest” Farrell acts as a players’ guide – leading the users to the $1 million dollar treasure through a series of complex clues.

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