Ways To Maintain Roller Blinds

Ways To Maintain Roller Blinds


A theme that is aesthetically-pleasing and easy to keep organized is most important when it comes to redecorating or initially refurbishing your home or personal space. This essentially involves everything, from picking out the decor which will best complement it, to wall paintings, window coverings, and window mounts. Read on to find the ways to maintain roller blinds.

Windows, when decorated tastefully and right, can steal the attention of the entire room. This is achieved with window accents, which although mostly overlooked, has the capability to add a touch of personality and style to your home. Accents such as valances, curtains, Striped Roller Blinds, and shutters are alternatives to how you can control the light and privacy of your place. Light helps to uplift the ambiance and overall mood of the room; whether it is letting the sun in for a productive day or setting the mood for a movie marathon. 

Window blinds are not among the most commonly chosen window accents, but they should be considered if you are looking at convenience and lowkey maintenance. The most common type of blinds that have been on the rising trend would be roller blinds. 

Introduction to Roller Blinds 

Roller blinds are installed with a casing normally installed at the top of the window, and they work by rolling straight down from the top. The casing is usually covered with the fabric that rolls down together, and it is either attached with a cord that requires you to pull it manually or a sidewinding chain system that comes with the blind.

These are one of the more convenient options that have ease of operation because all that is required of you is to pull the cord to let the blinds extend to your preferred length. Depending on the blind’s design and construction, they can also be motorized, which makes it even easier for you to control it from wherever you are in the house. Talk about convenience!

Types of Roller Blinds 

There are multiple types of roller blinds that we will be exploring next. 

Blackout Roller Blinds

First, we have Blackout Roller Blinds, which are most suitable for rooms if you wish to have the entire room dark with no light filtering at all. Blackout blinds can help promote restful sleep as it blocks out all kinds of light, and is best for the bedrooms. 

Light Filter Roller Blinds

On the contrary, if you are looking for blinds to let light filter in, we have Light Filter Roller Blinds, which as its name suggests, will let in an adequate amount of light, while still providing the necessary shade needed. It is great in accommodating any mood or ambiance you wish to create and is highly recommended for the kitchen and living rooms.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

These are atypical to the light filter blinds mentioned above, but with special add-ons. These blinds are best for filtering out the unwanted UV rays, and also gives a better overview to view what is happening outside. These blinds are best for windows in the living room, dining, or kitchen area, where an outside view and light coming in would be greatly appreciated.

Benefits of Roller Blinds

More than just being aesthetically pleasing for your home, roller blinds can accommodate any type of windows and their simple functionality will enable you to customize any type of room with the amount of light based on your preferences. 

Other benefits include roller blinds coming in a plethora of colors, patterns, and even sizes, to ensure that you pick the most suitable type that will match the mood of your personal space.  

Their easy functionality, which only involves you pulling at the cord attached to allow the amount of light in. If you wish to open up the blinds entirely, tugging at the cord will enable the blinds to roll all the way back up and stay wrapped at the top.

To maintain roller blinds are also extremely hardy and sustainable, as there is a casing wrapped around it. This will ensure the fabric stays wrapped, which exposes it to less chances of wear and tear. Lastly, roller blinds can be cleaned and maintained with minimal effort.

Maintenance of Roller Blinds: Steam Cleaning

Due to the special mechanism it comes in, roller blinds can get dusty easily at the top. As a result, dusting the top part of the blinds and the casing occasionally is good practice. Another alternative is to steam clean it. However, before you steam clean them, you have to understand that different materials will respond differently when steam-cleaned. It is best to check with the manufacturer before steam cleaning, to ensure that your roller blinds do not get damaged in the process.

If you have been given the all-clear to steam clean your blinds, here’s how to do it.

Firstly, fill the steamer with water using a funnel, while ensuring that the reservoir is overflowing. The type of water used should be consulted with the manufacturer beforehand. Depending on the type of steamer you are using, some come with the brush that requires attachment to a hose.

Wait for the water to heat up, which will take about 10 minutes or so depending on the type of steamer you are using. 

Before using the steamer, you should do a thorough inspection of the hidden parts of the blinds, to prevent any damage to the casing or the fabric.

To start steaming, move the machine in horizontal motions then vertically to ensure that every inch is covered.

A dry cloth should be kept handy to wipe any remaining dust and water that has been condensed on the blinds.

Rotate the blinds and repeat the process.

Water should be refilled if it runs out and the steamer should be left to cool down before you heat it up again.


After reading how easy it is to maintain roller blinds, and how well it fits into any room of your home, why not take a leap of faith and enjoy the convenience you will undoubtedly receive after having these roller blinds installed?


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